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Virtual reality photography is the art of capturing or creating a complete scene as a single image.  Today this is not just restricted to still images.  SeeSense offer camera, lens and accessory solutions for VR 360 degree, 3D VR360 panoramic video and photography and timelape.


SeeSense are official distributers for Back-Bone.

The Back-Bone Ribcage is a modification kit for Gopro cameras that enables it to accept different lenses.  Ribcage modified GoPro cameras can be fitted with a wide range of S-mount (M12), CS-mount and C-mount lenses.  The Ribcage also work perfectly as a stable mount for super-fisheyele lenses.


SeeSense are distributors of GoPro cameras and accessories.  

GoPro Hero 5 and 4 Black cameras are widely used as the camera of choice for multiple camera solutions when filming in VR360.

However, SeeSense offer a comprehensive range of enhancements to give users a much more professional camera solution.

Please see below for details of how to fit interchangeable lenses, high quality super fisheye lenses and utilise innovative accessories


SeeSense are official distributers for Entaniya super fisheye lenses and accessories.

Entaniya maufactures a range of 4K resolution 220, 250 and 280 degree fisheye lenses

Entaniya lenses can be mounted on GoPro Ribcage modified cameras for perfect VR360 film results.


SeeSense are official distributers for CamDo who manufacture enhancement systems for GoPro cameras.

Their innovative ideas enhance the performance and operability of GoPro cameras.  These include batteries and power enhancements to extend the operation time and reliability of the cameras.  CamDo accessories also include solar panels, enclosures including underwater WiFi control, deep water housings, motion detectors, and time lapse intervalometers.

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SeeSense are official distributers for Bushman Panoramic Tripod systems

Bushman manufacture an innovative range of panoramic heads and solutions specifically for 360VR.  Their range includes heads, rotators, tripods, poles and accessories ideal for panoramic photography. Latest innovations include Corepoles that tidies camera cables inside the Bushman pole.


SeeSense are distributors of Z CAM cameras.  

VR is all about content and the rest is technology.  Z CAM produce one of the best quality VR360 camera solutions on the market today and with a really great PRICE POINT.

The Z CAM S1 is a fully integrated four image sensor system all precisely synchronised to ensure simultaneous recording.  Also available is the Z CAM S1 PRO camera which utilises  MFT sensoe for improved camera sensitivity.

SeeSense offer a foam cut case complete with extra batteries, charger and storage slots for SD cards, cables, etc.

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CONTACT US for further details CONTACT US for further details CONTACT US for further details


SeeSense are distributors of KANDAO cameras.  

Kandao offer three superb quality3D 360VR camera systems with options for 8Kx8K output @ 30fps or 4Kx4K output at 120 fps also with a really great PRICE POINT.

For High Resolution solutions the Obsidian R outputs 8Kx8K @ 30fps; for High Speed / SloMo theObsidian S outputs 4Kx4K @ 120fps.

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