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Here are a few applications where SeeSense provides solutions for customers.  Our camera solutions are used in a wide variety of different industries and applications.  These are only a few of the solutions we can provide you with.

SeeSense miniature cameras are ideal for industrial monitoring situations.

The operation and control of the welding head of semi-automatic or automatic welding systems mainly occurs from a control station.  Optimal positioning and adjustment of the welding process requires a visual inspection.  Furthermore some welding processes are inaccessible and  impossible to see; other processes are a Health and Safety risk.  SeeSense offer a range of high quality robust industrial welding cameras specifically designed these purposes.







SeeSense Medical camera solutions are sold across Europe.

Camera ranges from Toshiba are purpose designed with medical use in mind.  They are ideal for applications including microscopy, endoscopy, etc where excellent resolution and colorimetry are essential.  Additionally we sell modified GoPro cameras ftted with different lenses for head worn cameras for surgeons.  Our cameras are also un-obtrusive when installed fixed above a surgeon's table, or for patient monitoring for example.

SeeSense supply a wide range of solutions to the security industries (Military, Home Defence, Police, Surveillance, etc)

As well as having an excellent range of small and covert cameras we can also offer special cameras including, SWIR, EM-CCD and Thermal Imagaing camera systems.

SeeSense are also lens specialists and can help specify and supply a wide range of high quaity optic systems including high resolution lenses , zoom lenses, SWIR lenses, filters, etc

SeeSense miniature camera solutions are ideal for education and training.

Our cameras can be used for monitoring / recording situations for replay to help understand technique.  Systems are also ideal for demonstrations where a group can not be present.  E.g. Demonstrating specialist medical operations to other specialists / students, or showing experiments in a classroom.

SeeSense specialise in the supply of 360 VR imaging and Panoramic equipment.  Our products are used in film, advertising, broadcast and even industrial applications.

ZCAM and Kandao camera solutions provise affordable high quality solutions.  Miniature cameras are also a perfect tool for 360 degree imaging because their compact construction ensures that cameras kept are as close together as possible.  SeeSense offer a range of complete one, two and three camera systems and are official distributers for Entaniya 4K resolution fisheye lenses.

SeeSense offer a selected range of camera solutions designed for Scientific and Research purposes.

Our camera technologies include low light, low noise and deep cooled camera systems which are ideal for scientific and research applications.  Our welding cameras can also be used for viewing other high contrast areas such as furnaces.  Miniature cameras are ideal for monitoring experiments, etc.

Welding Cameras

Remote Monitoring

Thermal Imaging

360° Imaging

SeeSense suppy camera solutions for in-vehicle use.

Cameras in transport applications can be used for security as well as monitoring purposes.  They can be used to monitor, track passengers, etc.  Similarly they can be installed on vehicles as reversing cameras or as safety cameras.

VR 360 Cameras

VR360 Accessories

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