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PART NUMBER                           DESCRIPTION                          DATASHEET       MOUNT       HORIZONTAL FOV


                                               Megapixel HD Lenses


     IR02812ZM         2.8-12mm 2MP F1.6 1/2" MI IR Varifocal Lens                                           C-mount           98-30.5 (1/2")


     0412ZM              4-12mm 2MP F1.4 1/2" MI IR Varifocal Lens                                              C-mount            92-31.2 (1/2")


     0414M5M           4mm 5MP F1.4 1/2" Manual Iris Lens                                                          C-mount            42.3 (1/3")


     0614M5M           6mm 5MP F1.4 1/2" Manual Iris Lens                                                          C-mount            54.6 (1/3")                                  

Azure Photonics Lenses

SeeSense are proud to be official distributers of good quality ranges of lenses from several manufacturers.  The lenses featured here compliment our camera ranges.  


SeeSense staff have 20+ years experience in the specification and technical sales of of C and CS-mount lenses.

We offer a specialist services advising about and specifying C and CS-mount lenses for a wide

variety of applications.  Please Contact Us if you require help in finding a suitable lens.

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Azure Photonics manufacture a specialist range of lenses mainly intended for megapixel Security, Factory Automation and Machine Vision applications.  

Many are used in other applications including Film and Professional Broadcast in conjunction with our High Definition 1-CMOS C-mount and CS-mount cameras.  The Azure Photonics range also include lenses, filters, lasers, lens components, prisms, windows, mirrors, waveplates, crystals and fibre optics.


SeeSense have offered Azure Photonics lenses for specialist applications including ultra compact HD applications and high resolution Broadcast requirements.


Please contact us if you have anything more specific you might require

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The list below show a selection of lenses available from Azure Photonics

Please contact us for any specific lens requirements you might have.

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