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Batteries & Power

We can offer the CamDo Solutions range of power solutions to extend the operation time of a GoPro camera. These come in the form of external batteries, battery eliminators and solar.

Back-Bone Modulus Sensor Housing

A GoPro remote sensor head system for developers

The Modulus is ideal for special applications where the image sensor needs to be positioned away fro the GoPro camera body.  The Modulus is supplied with a 30cm (12") ribbon cable, a machined sensor housing capable of accomodating two sensors back-to-back, and a tripod mount.

The Modulus is ideal for two camera and multipe 360VR systems and installing a GoPro in restricted locations.

Enclosures & Cases

CamDo Solutions

SeeSense can offer a range of special enclosures from CamDo Solutions. Enclosures include a standard housing with a filter window and mounting bracket, a solar powered solution and a deep water housing.


Back-Bone PRO GoCase

Carry your GoPro Ribcage camera, lenses and accessories in this stylish and safe camera case.  The GoCase utilises a high quality pluck foam insert and incudes a removable accessory pouch.  Our Hero 5 and Hero 6

RIbcage modified cameras come with this case as standard.


Custom Cases

SeeSense offer custom foam cut or pluck foam case solutions to suit the entire camera system you choose.


A comprehensive range of accessories and enhancements for Back-Bone Ribcage GoPro modified cameras are available from SeeSense.

SeeSense can provide complete systems solutions for whatever application you want to use your GoPro Ribcage camera for.  A selection of accessories and enhancements are shown below.  Please CONTACT US with your requirements.

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SeeSense Free Lens Specification Service

SeeSense staff have over 20 years experience working for lens manufacturers and distributers.  Our comprehensive stock of lens solutions for GoPro Ribcage is mostly sourced direct from manufacturers enabling us to offer products at competitive prices.  Solutions include C-mount, CS-mount and S-mount (M12) lenses as well as adapters, converters and filters to suit most applications.

CONTACT US with your lens requirement and we will be happy to provide you with our recommendations.  

Lens adapters, converters, filters, etc

SeeSense offer a comprehensive range of lens adapters, converters and filters

Fit your favourite Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc lenses on to your GoPro camera.

Some S-mount (M12) lenses require a M12-CS adapter.

We offer IR-cut, ND, Polarising and other filters for your camera.

Filters are really useful to help you use your camera for crop mapping.

CONTACT US for further details

Brackets & Mounts

SIDEARM - Supports GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7 PLUS Hero 5 & 6 Ribcage modified cameras

SIDEARM CONNECTING KIT - Connects two Sidearms (therefore cameras) together

Mount two cameras back-to-back for perfect BackBone VR360 acquisition


1, 2 and 3 camera rigs for 360VR from BackBone and Entaniya

EXO - Mini Mounting Bracket for Hero 4 Ribcage AIR

This precision machined aluminium bracket attaches to the Ribcage tripod mount providing NINE mounting points around the camera. Enables you to mount the camera in different positions and attached microphone, lighting, field monitors, etc.

POWER ARM - Available with 280mm (11") and 180mm (7") arms

An ideal combination with the EXO Mini Mounting Bracket

TRIPODS & MONOPOLES - We offer the BUSHMAN range

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Accessories & enhancements for Back-Bone cameras

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