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10 years

-   Ribcage modified Sony DSC-RX0 II Camera            C, MFT



-   Ribcage modified GoPro Hero 8 Black        C, CS, S (M12)


-   Ribcage modified GoPro Hero 5 Black        C, CS, S (M12)



-   Ribcage modified Yi4K+ Camera                       C, S (M12)


Back-Bone Ribcage modified cameras are used in an ever expanding range of applications including:

-    Broadcast & Film                   -    360VR                                     -    Timelapse

-    Natural History                       -    Drones / UAV                          -    Medical          

-    Astronomy                              -    Microscopy                             -    Industrial Use

And much more!

The Back-Bone Ribcage is a professional modification for Sony DSC-RX0, GoPro Hero and Yi4K cameras which accomodates C-mount, CS-mount & S-mount (M12) lenses.

The addition of an adapter enables larger format lenses to be attached.  GoPro Hero cameras can also be attached to devices from Microscopes to Telescopes.

All electronic functionality and menu settings of the cameras are retained however the cameras are no longer waterproof and will not fit in the manufacturers' enclosures.

The following GoPro Ribcage modified cameras are available from SeeSense.

Fit virtually any lens on to a GoPro or Sony DSC-RX0 Camera  

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Owning a Back-Bone modified GoPro, Sony DSC-RX0 or Yi-4K camera provide all of the benefits of the original camera but with many more features and options:


-    Choose from a massive range of C-mount, CS-mount or M12 (S-mount) lenses

     The modified SONY DSC-RX0 accepts 1" or larger format C and MFT-mount lenses


-     Precision CNC machined aluminium protects the camera and works as a sensor heat sink

-     Adapts to M12, C & CS-mount               =     Get the angle of view and effect you are looking for

-     Large lens formats via adapters             =     Utilise all of your manual lenses

-     Adjustable Iris and Manual Focus          =     Variable depth of field, boceh, etc

-     Ability to fit zoom /  varifocal lenses     =     Sharp detail at distance, ability to correctly frame shots, etc

-     Removable IR cut filter                          =     Film under IR light  /  at night  

-     Fit ND / Special Filters                           =     Ideal for applications such as Crop Inspection


GoPro modified cameras can also continue to benefit from CamDo Solutions products including their time lapse intervalometers, long life batteries and battery eliminators, enclosures, timeslice, and dashcam.

Now your GoPro can GoProfessional!


  These modification kits require that the camera is dismantled which will void the original warranty.

  SeeSense and Back-Bone are not responsible for accidental damage caused during installation.  SeeSense

  offer a installation service for customers.

  Ribcage modification kits are nor manufactured or endorsed by GoPro or YI Technology.

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