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The Bushman Panoramic THETA POLE telescopic carbon fibre SELFIE pole designed for VR 360 cameras such as the Ricoh Theta camera.  It is constructed from four sections of 19, 16, 13 & 10mm which extends to 1.19 metres and pack to just 43cm.  At the top of the pole is a 1/4" male thread on the top; at the base is  3/8" female thread making the THETA POLE the perfect solution for your 360° selfies.


The Bushman Panoramic MONOLITE pole is 1.46 metres of interlacing carbon fiber designed to pack to just 46cm.  It can be attached to a Bushman AMARULA or EBEN Panoramic tripod and get an extra 1.4 metres of height or even be deployed horizontally for an “over-the-cliff” panorama shot.  The MONOLITE weighs just 0.45 KG but can carry a vertical load of 2.5 KG.  It has four sections of 28, 25, 22, 19mm tube diameter and includes a red mounting plate for the top.  The mount is an interchangeable ¼”-3/8” screw.


SeeSense are an official distributer for BUSHMAN.

The BUSHMAN range is designed for 360 degree panoramic photography and 360 VR video.



BUSHMAN offer a range of Monopoles which integrate with their other products:

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