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SeeSense are an official distributer for CamDo

The CamDo DASH provides you with everything you will need to make your GoPro camera into a Dash Board camera.  Now you can film from your car dashboard at 4K and 120fps.

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Now you can use your GoPro Camera as a Dashboard Camera.  The Dashcam controller will automatically turn on your GoPro camera and start recording when you turn on your vehicle and automatically switch off when it stops.  It is compatible with GoPro Hero 3+ Black, Hero 4 Black nd Hero 4 SIlver cameras.


Dashcam is intuitive to set up and has eight different mode settings.  It comes with a choice of different mounting systems for an infinte amount of mounting angles.  Dashcam works on 5 Volt power outlets only.


CamDo Dashcam can record incidents and provide proof for insurance claims for your vehicle whilst driving BUT also allow you to capture exceting footage from your road trip, motorbike ride, rally car race, plane or helicopter, etc!


All this can now be achieved at 4K resolution and up to 120 frames per second.  The DASH is compatible with BackBone Ribcage modified Hero 3+ Black, Hero 4 Black and Silver cameras.

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Use your GoPro as a Dash Camera


The DASH is triggered and powered via a car's 5V lighter / power socket.  Ideally a two way USB adapter is required - One to trigger the DASH

- One to power the GoPro

USB cables are available in different lengths.

Please Contact Us for mounting and power options.