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CANON (formerly Toshiba) IK-HD3 1/2.9” HD remote head camera




The Canon IK-HD3D Camera Control Unit with DVI output can connect to a choice of two High Definition camera heads.  The HD 1-CMOS IK-HR3H and 3-CMOS IK-HR3H cameras provide superb enhanced colourimetry and resolutions of up to 1,000 TVL resolution (IK-HD3H 3-CMOS camera).

This camera system is designed for life sciences applications including endoscopy, laparoscopy, microscopy, etc.

CANON (formerly Toshiba) IK-HD5 1/2.9” FULL HD remote head camera




Canon's flagship High Definition FULL HD 3-CMOS remote head minicam.  The Canon IK-HD5H high definition camera head is connected to the IK-HD5E Camera Control Unit a new improved ultra flexible cable.

The camera output is either 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or DVI.

The Current Canon Medical Camera range consists of:

CANON (formerly Toshiba) IK-4K 1/2.9” UltraHD 4K remote head camera




Canon's Ultra High Definition remote head minicam.  The Canon 3-CMOS UltraHD 4K IK-4KH is the WORLD'S SMALLEST 4K 1,600 TVL video camera.  The camera head connects to the Toshiba IK-4KE camera control unit via a new improved ultra flexible cable

The IK-4KH camera is ideal when 4K images are desired and space is limited.

Canon (formerly Toshiba) JCT-TF5G and IK-TF7P2 2x1/3” cameras





Canon's TF series industrial inspection / machine vision cameras comprise of two 1/3" 3-CHIP cameras featuring a prism block to produce superb quality imaging with accurate colours at high speeds for a variety of process control, inspection and machine vision applications. .


The NEW JCT-TF5G represents Canon’s latest innovation incorporating 3-CMOS global shutter sensors with Camera Link compatibility.  New and improved designs expand digital processing capabilities, including user-defined, partial scan for increased frame rates.


Canon's IK-TF7P2 new and improved design offers expanded digital processing capabilities including electronic noise reduction, auto mode electronic shutter, partial scan frame rates up to 250 fps, Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) and reduced power requirements.

CANON (formerly Toshiba) JCS-HR5U 1/2.8” compact camera 




The NEW Canon JCS-HR5U draws from former Toshiba IK-HR1S & IK-HR1D camera technology to provide a compact HD camera with USB 3.0 and HDMI output. This camera is ideal for use in Medical Endoscopy and Microscopy as well as many other applications including Broadcast. The camera now features iser controlled digital cross-hairs

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Canon Camera Solutions

(Formerly Toshiba Imaging Systems Division)

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SeeSense are official resellers of the Canon range of High Definition 3-CMOS, 3-CCD & 1-CMOS Industrial Camera Systems to customers across Europe.

Having over ten years experience of this camera range SeeSense can be seen as a European centre of excellence offering technical advice plus a comprehensive range of lens solutions, filters, cabling, power solutions, etc.

These camera are renowned for their reliability and colorimetry (accuracy of colour reproduction) and all come with comprehensive settings menu.

SeeSense has supplied these cameras into many industries including Film & Broadcast, Medical, Research, Nuclear, Scientific and Security market sectors.

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PLEASE NOTE THAT These cameras are the the former range of Toshiba cameras which SeeSense has specialised in since the company was formed.  

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