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Record months of construction and replay minutes of time lapse video in resolutions up to 4K.  Our professional system solutions are built around Camdo Blink and Blink X time lapse intervalometers which are used to drive GoPro cameras.  The entire solution can be housed in water proof Dry X or Solar X enclosures.  Clever power management extends GoPro battery life so systems can be operated for weeks using battery eliminators, external batteries, solar power.

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-   4K resolution time lapse

-   Easy to deploy

-   Cost effective and affordable

-   Utilise your GoPro camera

-   Flexible power options

-   High quality imagery

Construction Camera Uses:

-  Record full scene        Camera at a distance

                                      Camera set to wide angle scene mode

                                      Camera modified to Back-Bone RIbcage and lens changed


-  Targetted recording    Camera close to the scene

                                      Camera set to narrower scene mode

                                      Camera modified to Back-Bone RIbcage and lens changed


-  Crane camera             Faster recording rate for security / incident recording


-  Security                      Trigger CamDo Blink to record timed video with an X Band

                                      Motion Detector

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An affordable time lapse solution

The Camdo Blink and Blink X are a cost effective and straight forward way to record any construction project up to 4K resolution.  Set up to 10 different schedules on the Blink X using the CamDo app and WiFi connection.  Keep the system dry in CamDo enclosures; get up to 10X normal battery life by using our external batteries.  CamDo Blinks saves battery life by only activating the camera to take the image and then shuts it down.


Create a time lapse video recorded at the rate and resolution you choose.  Play back at the speed you select when the project is complete.  


4K Quality TimeLapse  -  Easy to Deploy  -  Low Total Cost of Ownership  -  Everything you need from One Source  -  deliver long term time lapse videos using GoPro HERO5 cameras and BlinkX.