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CANON (formerly Toshiba) IK-4K 1/2.9” 3-CMOS UltraHD Remote Head Camera System

One of the World's Smallest 4K UltraHD Cameras


" Traffic Cops"




Life Sciences

    Purpose designed for Endoscopy and Microscopy

    Surgical Microscopy


    Tumour review

    Filming surgery / operations

    3D Medical applications


Professional Film & Broadcast

    POV,  In-Car,  Sports

    Natural History, etc


IK-4KH Datasheet IK-4KE Datasheet TF4XA-1 Datasheet CONTACT US for further details Back to Canon Cameras

Canon's IK-4K is a feature rich 1,600 TVL Ultra HD 4K 3-CMOS remote head camera system.

IK-4KH Manual IK-4KE Manual CONTACT US to discuss for FURTHER INFORMATION and suitable lenses for this camera


The Canon IK-4K camera is the ONE OF THE WORLD'S SMALLEST ULTRA HD 4K video camera systems utilising Canon's 3-chip prism technology and is perfect for colour critical applications.  The Canon IK-4KH 3-CMOS remote camera head measures just 32 x 38 x 41mm and weighs only 70 grammes making it ideal for capturing 4K images where space is limited.  It provides 8MP 3840 x 2160 output creating extraordinary detail with up to 1600 TV lines resolution.


The tiny IK-4KH remote head camera connects to the new Toshiba IK-4KE compact Camera Control Unit through new flexible camera - CCU cables.


Canon's IK-4KE camera control unit system operates in 4K, 1080i or 1080p modes outputing stunning 1,600 TV line UltraHD images.  At the rear are connections for 4K, 4 x 3G-SDI or HD-SDI at Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution; as well as full menu control, the panel on the front of the IK-4KE CCU incorporates a Freeze function.


The Canon IK-4K system is designed for use in Life Sciences including Endoscopy and Microscopy as well as other applications including Film & Broadcast, Scientific Imaging through to Industrial & Defence use.

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IK-4KH                    1/2.9" 3-CMOS 4K UltraHD Remote Camera Head                                                        Requires EXC-3HDxx cable


EXC-3HDxx             Camera - Control Unit Cable (3, 6, 10 or 15m)


IK-4KE                    Control Unit for IK-4KH 4K / 3G-SDI output                                                                                Requires EXC-3HDxx cable


Recommended    .  .  .     "You get out what you put in!"

TF4XA-1                 Fujinon 4mm 1/3" 3-CCD HD C-mount lens                                                                   Recommended for this camera                                        




Scientific Imaging

    Imaging, forensics,

    diagnostics, etc



    Video / inspection

    Underwater - ROV - Oceanography

    Oil Pipeline Inspection Camera


Home Defence

    Defence Imaging Systems,

    Aerial including UAV, On vehicle, etc

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PLEASE NOTE THAT this camera is one of the the former Toshiba range

which SeeSense has specialised in since the company was formed.