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Cygnet series 2/3” 2.1MP sCMOS 60Hz HD cameralink digital scientific cameras




The Raptor Photonics Cygnet is a Range or full HD Digital 2.1MP or 4.2MP sCMOS camera for surveillance and machine vision markets utilising a 12 bit CameraLink interface to provide full high definition resolution up to 60Hz.  Scientific CMOS technology offers low detection limits, comparable to the best CCDs making it perfect for shorter exposures and faster events!  The Cygnet sCMOS camera has a rugged, ultra-compact body and is available in both monochrome and colour.

Hawk series 1/2” EM-CCD low light cameras





The Raptor Photonics Hawk range consists of monochrome 1/2" and ultra sensitive 2/3" EM-CCD (Electron Multiplied Charge Coupled Device) cameras with a choice of outputs.  They are the smallest and most rugged EM-CCD cameras in the world and offer a resolution of 658 x 496 with frame rate of 25 / 30 Hz.  Am OEM custom made solution is also available.  

Raptor now offer a the most sensitive rugged 1-CCD low light camera in the world; the HK-829 1/2" camera has colour and B&W options.

Ease of operation, compact and rugged design explains why these cameras have been supplied to Police and Homeland Security around the globe.

See our EM-CCD demonstration video below.





SeeSense are official distributers for Kowa Lens and Camera Systems and provide a full technical sales service for their range.  Kowa manufacture the SC200KP1C 2/3" 1-CMOS High Definition Super Low Light Camera which challenges the picture quaility of standard definition EM-CCD cameras.  This superb new 2/3" 1-CMOS camera outputs 1080i / 1080p / 720p image at 30fps even in low light conditions > 0.005 lux.

OWL series SWIR & VIS-SWIR InGaAs cameras




The Raptor Photonics Owl range are world leading cameras using InGaAs technology for near and short wave infrared imaging offering the latest SWIR (Short Wave Infra-Red) sensor technology providing unprecedented day-night surveillance performance including a capability of imaging through cloud, fog, smoke, etc.

The seven camera range includes high sensitivity response in the range 0.9 to 1.7µm SWIR and 0.4 to 1.7µm Visible SWIR offering resolutions of 320 x 256 or 640 x 512 pixels.  The OWL SW1.7 series offers exposure times from 500ns to 500ms along with Cameralink and analogue outputs to give optimum image quality in all conditions.

Low Light Cameras

Light Sensitive Solutions for Specialist Applications

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SeeSense specialise in the supply of miniature and compact low light camera systems for Home Security, Broadcast, Medical and other uses.  

SeeSense can offer a range of low light sensitive cameras to suit all types of quality and budget you may require or have.

These cameras include EM-CCD, 1-CMOS, S-CMOS and special sensitive CCD cameras.  Our light cameras are selected from the Raptor Photonics, Kowa and Watec ranges.  This includes a NEW Super Low Light High Definition camera manufactured by Kowa.

Images taken with the Raptor Photonics Hawk HK247-AP camera at night in the Slovak High Tatras.

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Raptor Photonics

SeeSense offer Raptor Photonics low light Camera Systems which use EM-CCD and SWIR (Short Wave Infra Red) sensor technology for many specialist applications.  The cameras are used for CCTV, Home Defence, Industrial and Scientific applications and can also be integrated into imaging systems such as small EO/IR surveillance platforms where low light performance is essential.  OEM camera versions are also available.

HK-247 Datasheet
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