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GEM HD 1080p / 1080i HD-SDI Output Miniature Camera




A compact low-cost 1/3" 1-CMOS HD progressive scan 3G-SDI and HD-SDI camera.  The GNAT measures only 29x29x29mm and weighs just 40 grammes.


The camera can be used for a wide range of other applications including Broadcast, Machine Vision and Covert.

Miniature Camera Solutions

When small cameras are not small enough!

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SeeSense specialise in the supply of miniature and compact High Definition camera systems

for Broadcast, Medical and other uses.  


SeeSense can offer a range of miniature and ultra miniature cameras for Broadcast, Security, Medical, Industrial and other uses.  

This includes Standard and High Definition Ultra Miniature cameras to suit all types of quality and budget you may require or have.

MAny of these cameras are offered under our 'SeeSense' Brand.

SeeSense Ultra Mini 1080p HD colour camera




An High Definition camera measuring only 39 x 39 x 19mm outputs 1080p at 30 f.p.s. in HD-SDI.  A toggle joystick controls the camera functions.  A range of M12 interchangeable lenses are available.

Contact SeeSense for a lens to suit your application.

Cameras already supplied by SeeSense for Professional Broadcast, Security, Police and Scientific use.

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SeeSense RHC-12 Lipstick Camera





A stainless steel 12mm diameter 1/4" 1-CCD lipstick camera only 34mm in length.  The 3, 5 or 10 metre camera - CCU cable permanently attached to the camera head.  The camera accepts a range of 10.5mm diameter lenses many of which include iris control.  The Camera Control Unit provides a good range of features including frame buffer, picture freeze, black and white, level controls, etc.

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More Cameras Available


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and with you requirements.

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Ribcage Modifed GoPro Cameras




The popular GoPro camera is now capable of using interchangeable lenses.  The Ribcage modification kit from Back-Bone allows you to fit almost any C-mount, CS-mount and M12-mount lens along with SLR lenses through an adapter.  The modified feature rich camera measures just 59 x 41 x 24mm.



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