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SeeSense offer the Watec range of cameras including their new WAT-2200 3G / HD-SDI camera.  Please Contact Us with your Watec cameaa requirements

SeeSense are distributers for Toshiba industrial cameras including their 1-CMOS range.

Toshiba 1/3" 1-CMOS sensors enable these cameras to be much smaller than those using larger sensor arrays.  They are available as compact single unit or remote head cameras with HD-SDI or DVI (plus USB) outputs.  SeeSense also modify the cameras to CS-mount (Click to LINK).

The great thing about Toshiba cameras is the fact that, unlike many other minicams, "They Work Straight from the Box".

SeeSense are an official distributer for the Back-Bone range of Ribcage modified GoPro, Sony RX0 and Xiaomi Yi4K+ cameras.

The RIBCAGE modification enables the camera to accept a wide range of different lenses.  We can supply a modifed camera, the conversion kit for DIY or we can modify YOUR camera for you.

SeeSense can offer a wide range of miniature High Definition and Standard single sensor camera systems utilising a range of technologies.

This page lists the manufaturers we represent, briefly describing the products available and links to the respective pages for further details.  If you require anything specific or different from what we have please do not hesitate and CONTACT US.

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Single Sensor Cameras

A selection of camera solutions utilising CCD, CMOS, EMCCD and SWIR sensors

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The SeeSense policy is to find new and innovative products for our customers.  

The SeeSense page include equipment either of our manufacture or sourced from a specialist camera supplier.

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SeeSense are distributers for the Peerles  Creations range of High Definition lipstick cameras.

These cameras were developed as a HIGH DEFINITION direct replacement for the Toshiba IK-M51H, IK-UM-51H lipstick cameras and the IK-CU51 CCU.  There are a rang  of cameras including one which accepts low cost S-mount (M12) lenses.  A standalone battery powered camrera control unit is also available.

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