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10 years

The Genie system from Syrp will work with a wide range of video and stills cameras.



With appropriate use of compact, batteries, recorders, etc the Genie is perfect for use with Toshiba IK-HR1S, SeeSense CS-mount verison of the IK-HR1S (the IK-HR1P with access to more lenses),  Pacific Corporation VPC-HD20 and VPC-HD25 cameras to name but a few.  Genie will also work well with GoPro cameras as well as the new GoPro Ribcage C / CS-mount camera system.


Stills Photography

The Syrp Genie time lapse motion control and image capture system is compatible with a wide range of cameras.

CLICK here for a list of compatible cameras and the required connector plug you will need to order.


Video & Still Camera Motion Control and Time Lapse System

The Genie from Syrp is a unique user friendly, low cost and lightweight system that enables you to capture time lapse, panned and linear hots you never thought possible.  

Designed to complement your regular camera kit, Genie is ideal for HD video and stills capture.

When using Genie's Linear Mount and high performance rope with a slider it can travel much further than conventional time lapse equipment.  You are only restricted by the length of the rope!


Please contact us for further details                  or refer to the Genie Datasheet

The SeeSense team can offer advice about Genie and make recommendations for other SeeSense products it is compatible with.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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The Genie!  

A simple, affordable and user friendly device for time lapse motion control and image capture. . .  and much more.  The Geniesystem from Syrp can be used with a video camera system or stills camera (up to 20kg payload) to give you fine control of panning and linear motion.


Syrp's Genie system is compatible with most professional equipment such as sliders, jib arms, dollies and tripods.  The panning accessory can be simply attached to a tripod or camera support.  The Genie sits on this via a quick release system with a ball head on top fitting to your camera system of choice.  The Genie can be used with any existing film equipment you might have.


In video mode the Genie can perform perfectly smooth pan or tilt movements.  When attached to a slider you can also achieve precise tracking shots which, of course, need not be along a horizontal plane.  Ideal for one man crew set up.


It works equally well with a stills camera with a move - shoot - move action for time lapse photography (coming to a complete stop before telling the camera to fire the shutter).  This can be achieved through the Genie pan / tilt unit as well as the special mount for linear travel.




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