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TOSHIBA IK-HD3 series 1/2.9” HD remote head cameras




One Toshiba IK-HD3D Camera Control Unit with DVI output can connect to a choice of two High Definition camera heads.  The HD 1-CMOS IK-HR3H and 3-CMOS IK-HR3H cameras provide superb enhanced colourimetry and resolutions of up to 1,000 TVL resolution (IK-HD3H 3-CMOS camera).

This camera system is designed for life sciences applications including endoscopy, laparoscopy, microscopy, etc.

TOSHIBA IK-HD5H 1/2.9” FULL HD remote head camera and IK-HD5E Camera Control Unit



Toshiba's flagship High Definition FULL HD 3-CMOS remote head minicam.  The Toshiba HD IK-HD5H camera head is connected to the IK-HD5E Camera Control Unit a new improved ultra flexible cable.

The camera output is either 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or DVI.

Toshiba IK-HD1H 1/3" HD remote head camera and IK-HD2E Camera Control Unit



Toshiba now offer the IK-HD1H series High Definition 3-CCD camera head with a new "Broadcast enhanced" IK-HD2E Camera Control Unit which includes additional features to the IK-HD1E.

The camera sees extensive use in Medical Endoscopy and Microscopy as well as other applications, including Broadcast.  Unlike many minicams this camera Works straight from the box making it an ideal tool for hire.

The Current Toshiba Camera range consists of:

TOSHIBA IK-4KH 1/2.9” UltraHD 4K remote head camera and IK-4KE Camera Control Unit



Toshiba's NEW Ultra High Definition remote head minicam.  The Toshiba 3-CMOS UltraHD 4K IK-4KH is the WORLD'S SMALLEST 4K 1,600 TVL video camera.  The camera head connects to the Toshiba IK-4KE camera control unit via a new improved ultra flexible cable

The IK-4KH camera is ideal when 4K images are desired and space is limited.

TOSHIBA IK-TF5P2 and IK-TF7P2 1/3” Industrial cameras





The Toshiba IK-TF series of industrial inspection / machine vision cameras consists of two 1/3"

3-CCD cameras producing high quality imaging. These are the IK-TF5P2 and the IK-TF7P2 cameras.

IK-HR1 series 1/3” compact cameras - HD-SDI  or DVI /USB output




The Toshiba IK-HR1S (HD-SDI), IK-HR1D (DVI) and IK-H2D (DVI & USB) compact HD cameras see extensive use in Medical Endoscopy and Microscopy as well as many other applications including Broadcast.

A very popular high quality minicam approved by BBC HD and sees regular use by all major UK TV companies as well as many across Europe.  Unlike so many minicams this camera is designed so it

Works straight from the box making it an ideal tool for use by HIRE COMPANIES.

Also available as a remote head camera (see below) & the SeeSense modified IK-HR1P CS-mount version.

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Toshiba Camera Systems

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IK-TU61, 62 & 63 1/2” and 1/3” remote head cameras  




DISCONTINUED - SeeSense has limited stocks of reconditioned units

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SeeSense supply the Toshiba range of High Definition 3-CMOS & 1-CMOS as well as 3-CCD Industrial Camera Systems to customers across Europe.

SeeSense has specialised in the sale of Toshiba cameras since the business was formed and is widely regarded across Europe as a centre of excellence with regard to Toshiba Industrial Camera Systems.  SeeSense also offers a comprehensive range of lens solutions, filters, cabling, remote control, recording and power for Toshiba MiniCams.

Toshiba camera are renowned for their reliability and quality.  They are available as 3-CMOS, 3-CCD and

1-CMOS cameras and all come with a comprehensive settings menu enabling the cameras to producing superb colourimetry.

SeeSense has supplied these cameras into many industries including Broadcast, Medical, Nuclear, Scientific and Security market sectors.

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