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VisionOn Systems

SeeSense and VisionOn Systems are partner businesses operating from our UK office in Woodley near Reading.


VisionOn Systems design, install and support a wide range of Video Surveillance (CCTV), Intruder Alarm and Access Control solutions for businesses and private clients.  This includes High Definition and Analogue video surveillance cameras, IP camera systems, Cloudbased solutions, Remote monitoring, Deployable cameras, and Vehicle mounted solutions.


Our approach is to Consult, Source, Design and deliver the most appropriate solution for both your needs and budget.  Our systems can deliver reduced insurance costs, business process improvements and lower business overheads by reducing costs, maximising profits and protecting assets.  Customer service and attention to detail has made Vision On Systems an industry leader, so if you are looking for a solution in any of these areas you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.


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Cloud Based Visual Surveillance

Cloud based computing via the internet has enabled a quiet revolution in how we use computers by removing the need to investment in expensive hardware and software.  We can now buy computing power like we buy electricity, gas and water – paying only for what we use.  Lower cost advanced cloud computing and client services has led to many developments on the periphery of Information Technology services.


One of these developments is the ability to capture and record visual data to remote servers from cameras that are connected to the Internet (often referred to as “Visual Surveillance as a Service” or “Vsaas”).  The architecture, functionality and economics of Vsaas allow our systems to be deployed in circumstances where the use of regular CCTV systems would be regarded as impractical, intrusive, uneconomic or even impossible.

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Mobile CCTV & Tracking Systems

We can provide a wide range of custom built solutions for commercial fleet vehicles of all shapes & sizes to suit your requirements.  These specially designed solutions can help improve driver and passenger safety, road safety, save on fuel and insurance costs as well as providing you with a valuable insight into a drivers' behaviour.

Our camera systems help you better understand how your assets are working for you.

IP Surveillance

With technology advancing everyday and new milestones being reached we often have to do an extensive amount of research before knowing exactly which product is right for each solution.  VisionOn has been involved in the design and delivery of bespoke and leading edge IP surveillance solutions, where it was necessary to integrate several diverse technologies into a final solution.

Covert Cameras and Cases

Do you have a problem that requires covert surveillance?  SeeSense and VisionOn products can be easily integrated to create high quality covert systems to suit all requirements.

VisionOn have worked closely with local authorities and national fraud investigators to design and built custom solutions to fit individual requirements.

So whether you are transporting prisoners, catching an internal thief or staking out a gang of robbers, or even covert newsgathering we can help design you a system to suit your requirements.

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Rapid Deployment Camera Systems

VisionOn Systems' range of cloud based ‘Quick Deployment’ Camera Systems address many issues including Antisocial Behaviour, Street Crime, Graffiti, Littering & Fly Tipping.  Our cameras are in daily use with Police Forces, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and other organisations around the UK.


All our Quick Deployment CCTV Cameras are supplied with a Wi-Fi Video Transmission system as standard.

This provides a cost-free transmission link at distances up to 100 metres.  Additionally, all our systems have a 3G Video Transmission link so that users who need to View and Download Video Footage over long distances can do so with ease. These systems are also available to hire.

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