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Z CAM E2 Camera Features

One-piece compact 4K resolution MFT camera

4K @ 120fps, 10-bit colour

4/3” WDR CMOS Sensor sensor

13 stops dynamic range (16 with WDR enabled)

Gigabit Ethernet for data, control & live stream

Full camera setting control & live preview via iOS App

Multi-cam synchronization

Open API & SDK

External Power or Battery

Dimensions 90 x 100 x 90mm, Weight 757 g.

Comprehensive range of lenses available


What is in the box?

-  Z CAM E2 4K MFT Cinematic Camera

-  LEMO Power Cable with D-TAP Plug, & Connector

-  AC/DC Power Adapter Unit

-  Power Connection Cables (US, UK, EU)

-  Quick User Guide

-  Warranty Card

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Z CAM E1 Camera Features


Compact and light weight  design

Interchangeable micro four thirds (MFT) lens mount

4K UHD video recording

Advanced MCTF 3D noise filter

1080p HDMI output & Micro SD card storage

2.5" LCD screen

USB port for I/O control

Open API & SDK


What is in the case?

-  Z CAM E1 4K MFT Camera

-  LEMO Power Cable with D-TAP Plug, & Connector

-  AC/DC Power Adapter Unit

-  Power Connection Cables (US, UK, EU)

-  Quick User Guide

-  Warranty Card

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SeeSense are Manufacturer's Representatives for Z CAM

Z CAM have produced two superb 4K resolution compact Micro Four Thirds (MFT) cinematic cameras.  Their latest is the Z CAM E2 professional 4K cinematic camera, capable of shooting 4K resolution @ 120 fps utilising a 4/3” WDR CMOS sensor, 10 bit, and 13 stops dynamic range.

SeeSense distribute the cameras in Europe and offer competitive pricing and quick deliveries without the problems of importing from China, customs duty, etc.  

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Part Number        Description                                                           Mount                                Features


ZCAM-E1            World's smallest 4K MFT Camera                              MFT            


ZCAM-E2            Compact Professional 4K Cinematic Camera            MFT                                     

Z CAM E1 Datasheet Z-E1 Datasheet

4K @ 24fps, 1080P @ 60fps



4K @ 120fps,

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Z-E2 Datasheet
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We can offer a wide range of accessories for these cameras incuding Z-CAM E1 Video Interface for analogue streaming, Bushman Tripods and Corepole, foam cut storage cases (ZCAM S1), Batteries, Stabilizing Gimbals, etc

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Z CAM Micro Cinematic Camera - Ideal For:

-   Micro Cinematic Camera                                                -   Filming in tight spaces / extreme angles                

-   POV Camera                                                                   -   Pre-visualisation

-   360 Degree VR Rig with Entaniya 250 MFT lens           -   Motion capture studio camera

-   180 Degree VR Rig with Entaniya 200 MFT lens           -   Bullet time array

-   Supplementary Camera                                                  -   Time lapse imaging

-   Drone and aerial photography