SeeSense offers a broad range of specialist camera solutions to suit all types of application.  The cameras generally utilise C, CS or S (M12) mount lenses. SeeSense can provide specialist technical advice and supply the most suitable lenses for these cameras.

Our comprehensive range of cameras include:

  • High resolution remote head cameras for medical and broadcast / film use where quality and colorimetry are critical (Canon);
  • Cameras for Virtual Reality film and photography up to 8K resolution –  VR180 and VR360;
  • Modified GoPro, Sony and Insta360 “action cameras” for use in microscopy through to astronomy;
  • Ultra wide dynamic range cameras for applications such as welding and braizing;
  • Multispectral imaging cameras for applications such as crop mapping;
  • Cameras for imaging in the UV / short wave IR and long wave IR spectra;
  • Compact, small, miniature and sub-miniature cameras with different resolutions and outputs depending on your application;
  • Cameras to suit all industrial applications including film/broadcast, medical, industrial, etc.;
  • High definition “Lipstick” cameras;
  • Special cameras including EM-CCD, InGaAs, VIS-SWIR and X-Ray or science and research applications;
  • Low light, EM-CCD and SWIR cameras for surveillance;

Follow the link to our E-shop or click on the Brand logos below for more details.   You can further refine your search and purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR A QUOTATION.

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