Equipment Mounting Solutions

SeeSense offers a comprehensive range of different mounting solutions for cameras, monitors, etc. As well as creating bespoke solutions SeeSense are official distributers for Back-Bone, Bushman Panoramic, Entaniya and Swivellink.

Our mounting solutions include:

  • Tripods especially for VR180, VR360 and Panoramic Photography applications;
  • Monopod and Corepoles up to 1.9m long for a wide range of uses;
  • Strong adaptable mounting systems for different payloads;
  • A range of baseplates, clamps and magnetic bases to attach equipment;
  • Deployable roll up masts / poles;
  • Camera mounting rigs including back-to-back, side-by-side, panoramic rotators, and adapters for cameras to mount on standard 1/4-20 UNC tripods;

Follow the link to our E-shop or click on the Brand logo below for more details.   You can further refine your search and purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR A QUOTATION.

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