GoPro Accessories

Without doubt GoPro supply the most popular brand of action camera in the world today.

SeeSense offer a range of solutions to help a GoPro GoProfessional!  These include:

  • Specially modified GoPro cameras to accept interchangeable lenses;
  • Replacing the original GoPro lens for a different low distortion solution;
  • Using a GoPro camera for long term time-lapse photography;
  • WiFi control and viewing action cameras underwater;
  • Comprehensive range of professional mounting systems.

Some of the professional products we offer for GoPro cameras are shown below.

The GoPro camera design is limited by their ultra wide angle lens which creates barrel distortion and has a fixed aperture. You can change the angle of view electronically but this reduces camera resolution.

SeeSense is a principal European distributer for Back-Bone whose range  includes professionally modified GoPro cameras.  This comprises basic modified cameras, stripped down lightweight “Back-Bone SLIM” cameras and remote head (up to 1.8m) “Back-Bone RIPCORD” cameras.  These all benefit from a high quality machined aluminium body and can accept C, CS or S (M12) mount lenses as standard plus a wide range of larger format lenses by purchasing an appropriate C-mount adapter.

SeeSense offer a conversion service to modify your GoPro to a Back-Bone camera or simply exchange the original lens on your GoPro for a better quality low distortion lens. This can be a lens of the same focal length or a narrow angle of view.

SeeSense are the principle distributer for the CamDo Solutions range in Europe.  The CamDo Blink and UpBlink time-lapse intervalometers can be used to schedule a specific time period and frequency of images taken by GoPro cameras.  This can extend the period for a GoPro time-lapse project from one hour to literally months.

WiFi does not work underwater however action cameras are an ideal tool for use for underwater filming, inspection, etc. The CamDo Solutions Underwater WiFi cable enables users to control a camera and view the images being captured from the water surface via a special cable available in lengths up to 90m long. We can also offer underwater housing capable of operating at depths up to 600m for underwater time-lapse and filming applications.

Other Equipment
SeeSense can offer a wide range if professional mounting solutions for GoPro cameras including a ‘proper’(1/4”UNC) tripod mount which can connect into professional brackets, arms, clamps and magnetic bases.

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