Modified Cameras

SeeSense sell the Back-Bone range of modified cameras designed to improve the cameras for special applications.

Cameras include:

  • GoPro cameras modified to accept interchangeable C, CS or S (M12) mount lenses – ideal for a broad range of applications including film, broadcast, medical, microscopy, astronomy, etc.;
  • Sony DSC-RX0 cameras modified to accept interchangeable C-mount 1”and 1.1” lenses plus a wide range of MFT lenses;
  • Insta360 ONE R 4K and 5.3K 1” cameras modified to accept C, CS or S (M12) plus a wide range of MFT lenses;
  • Remote head modified GoPro cameras with ribbon cables up to 1.8m long;
  • GoPro cameras with the original lens exchanged for superior low distortion lenses;
  • Camera sensor glass removal for applications such as improved imaging in the UV spectrum.
  • Camera and lens solutions optimised for specific light spectra.

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