First Blog

Welcome to the new look SeeSense website and to our new blog.  This first post is a little different since we think we need to say a little about our business.  In future we will use it to showcase the products and brands we offer, discuss different applications and uses for these products as well as how they can help you improve the way you work.  We also hope to share some tips and the lessons learned from our experiences gained from working with cameras and lenses for longer than we dare mention!  So there should be plenty for us to write about . . .


We are pleased to say that in January 2021 SeeSense celebrates the twelfth anniversary of supplying specialist camera solutions to our customers across Europe.  The name SeeSense comes from the fact that we specialise in two connected product groups – selling lenses and optics (SEE) and digital sensing devices a.k.a. cameras (SENSE).  For this reason our logo represents the anti-reflectance rings found at the front of a lens along with a 16:9 sensor in the centre – clever eh!!

We have sales offices in the UK and in the European Union which means that there are no issues with time consuming importing products, dealing with cross border customs paperwork, paying duty, or any other hassle!  We take care of everything.

SeeSense is not a large company however it has always been operated in the knowledge that we are small enough to care and big enough to cope.  This may sound a little clichéd, but our aim has always been to provide excellent sales advice and technical support, supplying equipment at a competitive price point, and all without the excesses of operating from a massive office with hundreds of faceless staff.  We much prefer to provide a more personal service treating each customer’s requirements individually.

For twelve years we have supplied businesses and individuals from all walks of life, working in different industries and locations across Europe.  We try to offer something different and have never consciously offered run-of-the-mill “me-too” products.  We prefer to discover and offer new, reliable and innovative solutions often working in specialist market areas such as welding vision systems or multi-spectral imaging.  This  diversity means that we can often draw from techniques and ideas in one sector and apply them to another.  We also often help customers innovate, for example, by deploying super wide angle fisheye lenses normally used in the VR industry for specialist industrial inspection purposes.



Despite the obvious challenges of 2020, the SeeSense team has invested a great deal of time and effort to find improved ways to help customers discover and learn about the products we offer.  Much of this was spent developing our new website; and we are rightfully proud of how it looks and works.

We listened to our customers discovering that they have different ways of finding a product or information they are looking for.  With this in mind we our new website has been designed to be what we call our “informational E-shop”!  You will see that you can search by Applications of products, by Industry, by Brand or simply by entering our E-shop.  Once you enter into the E-shop we have tagged all of the products enabling you to filter our range and (hopefully) find exactly what you are looking for.  Once you find a product, in most cases it will feature a SeeSense datasheet as well as insightful information about their uses and applications.  Whilst we do have an E-shop we know that many customers have questions and want technical support or a quotation.  We therefore encourage you to discuss Contact Us and speak to a fellow human being to provide friendly service.


In the twelve years since the business was formed our product range has increased and matured.  SeeSense has always supplied cameras and lenses, however the range has steadily evolved as we find new innovative products or indeed after customers contact us looking for something special.

We offer good quality products to suit the correct price point. We recognise that quite often customers can’t afford a Ferrari but would like similar performance.  For example, we are the European master distributer for CamDo Solutions supplying the best value 4K time-lapse solution available today.

SeeSense is a major European distributor or reseller for many of the ranges we sell.  We have a close relationship with all our suppliers, most whom are manufacturers, so can therefore offer excellent technical support and competitive prices.  We carry stock of our most popular product lines and use DHL ensuring swift deliveries from either our UK or EU office according to your location.

We hope that this introduction to SeeSense was of interest?  Please take a look at our new website and the products we offer.  Any feedback is welcome, and if you have any questions about our business or the products we sell than please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.