Entaniya HAL Series Fisheye Lenses

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Nigel Paine

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SeeSense are European distributers of the Entaniya HAL range of super wide fisheye lenses, all of which are able to capture wide angle images far beyond the normal field of view.

Image Quality

These lenses are a challenge to manufacture because of the need to maintain good image resolution especially in spherical video (360VR) applications where two or more cameras are used. The stitch line is often towards the edge of the glass where it is hardest for a lens manufacturer to polish and reduce chromatic and spherical aberrations! If the stitch is poor then the reality of the image is lost to the viewer as is often seen when using lower quality lenses. For this reason Entaniya HAL range of lenses was designed by Nikon, the creators of the original Nikkor 6mm f2.8 220 degree lens that now retails at around $160,000 USD . . . if you can find one! Happily the Entaniya lenses cost a fraction of this price and are now capable of resolving a high quality 8K resolution across the entire image circle.

Entaniya HAL Series Lenses

Entaniya’s HAL range of lenses are available in three ultra-wide angle of view – 200, 220 and 250 degrees. They are designed to produce an image circle covering sensors from 2/3″ upwards for larger format Sony, RED to the largest Arri Alexa LF sensor.

HAL 200 and HAL 250 lenses feature interchangeable rear optics with focal lengths from 2.3mm to 6mm. A range of camera mounting adapters are available including Sony E, EF, MFT and C-mount. Rear optic and mounts can be purchased separately making the expensive front optics are future-proof and will suit all demands. Interchangeable fixed iris rings and filters are included with the lenses which are all supplied in a hard case.

The HAL 220 PL and LF lenses are the best quality large format ultra-wide angle fisheye lenses available today. They feature a fully adjustable iris and a series of interchangeable spacer rings which slightly adjust the lens focal length enabling the image circle to optimally cover a very wide range of different sensors. The HAL 220 PL is currently our most popular lens being extensively used with RED cameras. The NEW HAL 220 LF lens is designed for even larger camera sensors such as the ARRI LF.

Entaniya HAL 220 PL lens

The HAL the perfect ultra-wide range lens for use in a wide range of different applications including cinematography and film special effects, planetarium and full-dome images, 360VR / 3DVR180, as well as specialist industrial applications.

Further details about the lenses can be found by following this LINK. or simply CONTACT US about your requirement. SeeSense also have HAL series lenses available for hire and demonstration before purchase. Please CONTACT US for details.

Why are the lanes named HAL? Well these lenses bear an uncanny resemblance to the HAL 9000 computer which was the main antagonist in the the Arthur C. Clarke book and Stanley Kubrick film “2001 A Space Odyssey”!

These lenses cover all your wide angle requirement. Now the only problem you have is to “Open the pod bay doors“and find the right camera for your requirements!

Entaniya HAL 9000