It is a difficult task to manufacture an ultra wide angle fisheye lens and maintain good image resolution and quality right to the edge of the lens image circle.  If you are making a spherical video (360VR) with two cameras and 180 degree lenses then stitch line will be found at the extreme edge of the image.  Many cheap low quality fisheye lenses take short cuts right where it is hardest for a lens manufacturer to polish the glass! produce chromatic and spherical aberrations right where it is most required.  When creating a spherical video it is essential to maintain image quality through the picture to help maintain reality for the viewer.  The last thing they should see are poor areas of the picture where the lens has been incapable of resolving the image correctly on to the sensor.

SeeSense are European distributers of the Entaniya range of super wide fisheye lenses, all of which¬†are able to capture wide angle images far beyond the normal field of view. ¬†They are designed by Nikon, the creators of the original Nikkor 6mm f2.8 220 degree lens that now retails at around $160,000 USD if you can find one! ¬†These updated lens are a fraction of this price tag and are now capable of resolving a 4K image across the entire image circle, i.e. right to the edge of the glass. ¬†Additionally these lenses are available with ultra wide angle of view ranging from 200 to 280 degrees meaning that the stitch line from two lenses back to back is well with the lens’ image circle.

Entaniya offers two major ranges of ultra wide angle lenses.
Entaniya M12 Series Lenses
The first are a series of 220, 250 and 280 degree lenses designed for smaller 1/2.3″ sensors often fitted to action cameras such as GoPro. ¬†SeeSense also distribute Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras capable of accepting interchangeable lenses including this Entaniya range.

Entaniya HAL Series Lenses
These comprise 200, 220 and 250 degree lenses designed to cover much larger format camera sensors up to Middle format including Alexa LF and RED Monstro     The HAL 220 PL and LF lenses feature a fully adjustable iris and interchangeable spacer rings to slightly adjust the focal length enabling the image circle to optimally cover different sensors.  The lenses are ideal for and regularly used for cinematography applications.

SeeSense carry all Entaniya M12 and HAL series lenses in stock.  The HAL series lenses are also available for hire and demonstration before purchase. Please CONTACT US for details.

Now the only problem you have is to find the right camera for your requirements!