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Nigel Paine

GoPro Cameras are without doubt the best known and most popular action cameras available in the market today. The cameras feature a wide angle lens (around 120°) focusing on to 1/2.3″ sensor with a resolution of up to 5K / 20MP (Hero9) and capable of frame rates of up to 240FPS (1080P), 60fps (4K) and 30fps (5K).  They are waterproof to a depth of 10 metres and contain built in battery power plus SD card recording.  These small and versatile cameras allow you to go pretty much anywhere and film anything you can think of.

GoPro cameras are designed for consumer use however several factors make them less suitable for professional use including the fixed super-wide angle lens and limited power.  Other features can be further enhanced to make the camera really useful such as WiFi, time-lapse and mounting.  Read more about professional solutions to improve GoPro camera performance below or CONTACT SeeSense for further details:

Interchangeable Lens Mount

GoPro cameras are fitted with a very wide angle lens that produces a lot of barrel distortion making it unsuitable for most professional applications.  Whilst it is possible to adjust the camera settings this crops the picture and reduces image resolution.  Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras feature a CS-mount which can be adapted to M12 and C-mount to allow users to attach their choice of lens whilst retaining the camera’s 4K (now 5K with the Hero9) resolution.  The C-mount also allows the cameras to be attached to larger photographic lenses, microscopes, telescopes, endoscopes and more.  Built out of premium machined aluminium this modification allows you to connect the largest selection of lenses possible on a camera.  FURTHER DETAILS HERE.

Back-Bone H9Pro with CS/C-mount and Media Mod Kit


Once you have your Back-Bone modified GoPro camera we can help you find the perfect lenses for your application.  We deal directly with all the major lens manufacturers and have huge experience in specifying and supplying high quality lenses to suit all budgets.  FURTHER DETAILS HERE.

Kowa FC24M series lenses


The average battery life for a GoPro camera is two hours.  Some applications require a much longer operation time and this can be solved either using an external mains USB power supply or a larger capacity battery with ‘always-on’ capability.  Our batteries can also be recharged using solar panels making the system perfect for off-grid use.  FURTHER DETAILS HERE.

GoPro Power Solutions

Underwater WiFi

WiFi and Bluetooth linking allows you to view and control your GoPro camera however this does not work underwater.  This is now also made possible by using an underwater WiFi cable and makes a GoPro ideal for underwater inspection of structures, vessels and machinery as well as use in fish farms, or for filming wildlife.  FURTHER DETAILS HERE.


CamDo underwater WiFi Cable


GoPro cameras feature a time-lapse mode however it is very restricted and virtually useless for long-term use such as in the construction industry.  The UpBlink time-lapse intervalometer is designed for GoPro Hero 5-8 cameras and featured the ability to programme up to ten different time-lapse schedules.  It is available with a range of weatherproof enclosures, power options, and mounting brackets.  FURTHER DETAILS HERE.

CamDo Upblink Intervalometer


SeeSense can supply a range of different housings in which to mount GoPro cameras, modified cameras with lenses plus any ancillary equipment such as batteries, time-lapse intervalometers, etc.  GoPro cameras are waterproof to a depth of 10 metres.  Our housings enable a GoPro camera to operate as deep as 600 metres as well as be used in other hazardous environments.  FURTHER DETAILS HERE.

CamDo Deep Underwater Housing

Camera Mounting Solutions

GoPro cameras can now be directly fitted with a Back-Bone 1/4″UNC standard tripod mount removing any need to use the GoPro blade mounting system.  This means that the cameras can be integrated into a wide range of different professional camera mounting solutions.  FURTHER DETAILS HERE.

Back-Bone tripod mount fitted to Hero8 & 9 cameras

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