Why Bushman Panoramic offer the Best VR Monopod

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Nigel Paine

Bushman Panoramic Logo

Bushman Panoramic are market leaders in the supply of monopods and other accessories for use with light weight 360 degree camera systems.  SeeSense are the official distributor for Bushman Panoramic in the UK and also supply users right across Europe.

So just what makes the Bushman V2 such an excellent and popular monopod?


Bushman Monopod v2 head detail with logo

Bushman Panoramic monopods are designed by a VR expert for VR professionals and enthusiasts.

The basic Monopod weighs less than 275 grammes and features top quality anodised aluminium construction with attention to detail.

The Bushman V2 Monopod comprises five telescopic tubes.

It is supplied complete with a 400g counterweight and two position tripod.

These monopods integrated seamlessly with other Bushman products and work well with other makes of equipment.


Bushman V2 Monopod perfect heightThe Bushman Panoramic V2 monopod system features five telescopic sections enabling users to position the camera as low or high as you want.

Bear in mind that the camera height will differ depending on your situation and method of viewing.  It will change of you are viewing images on a VR Headset or a phone / computer.

Need more height?

A fully extended Monopod including the counterweight and tripod stands at 1.66m.  If you require more height then simply screw two monopods together ensuring that the top section of the lower Monopod is closed to maintain stability and strength.


Bushman V2 Monopod centre of gravity words

A 400 gramme counterweight is supplied as standard to attach between the base of the Monopod and the tripod.  This reduces the centre of gravity of the camera system making it stable and safe.

The image here shows you that obtaining a safe and low centre of gravity is child’s play!  ;-)

Rather than including one super heavy weight Bushman offer a series of different counterweights as accessories.

This means you have the right weight for the job in hand without carrying excess weight around when it is not required?


Bushman V2 Monopod fits in carry on case

The Bushman Panoramic V2 monopod comprises five telescopic sections that fully extend to 1.54m however the closed Monopod packs down to just 39.5cm long.

This means that it can comfortably fit inside a carry on bag for most airlines or your rucksack for even the most strenuous of destinations!


Bushman Monopod Accessories

A wide range of stylish accessories available, all of which interface directly with Bushman Monopods.

Bushman Halo 360  Light – the first true 360 degree VR lighting solution.

Counterweights – 280 or 400 grammes.

Popeye Magnetic Bases – Super strong rare earth magnets housed in a rubber base with 1/4″male thread.

Ground Spike – Secure threaded spike that can screw into the ground, tree stumps, etc

Bender – 1/4″male to female double ball connector positions your Monopod perfectly

Monkey Clamp – Securely attach you Monopod to anything with jaws opening to 40mm.


Unobtrusive Two Position Tripod –

The Bushman Panoramic tripod is designed specifically for VR use.  Long feet on the tripod will be more visible in your images and are more susceptible to being kicked.  So Bushman keep them short and concentrate on maintaining a low centre of gravity for maximum stability.

Cost Effective

Compare the price of any similar Monopod and you will see that Bushman offers a high quality competitively priced solution.  SeeSense offer special discounts for Monopods bundled with our VR camera solutions. Please CONTACT US for details.

Constant Developement –

Bushman Panoramic are always looking for ways to improve their equipment and so the products are constantly under review and development.


Coming soon:

  • Bushman Panoramic V3 Monopod
  • Monopod storage bag
  • Improved tripod with ability to attach Popeye magnetic base
  • Bushman mini-bundle set.
  • 2023 Update All Now Available

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to CONTACT US

Nigel Paine, SeeSense 08.2021