The Best Super-Wide Angle Fisheye Lenses for Professional Film Makers

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Nigel Paine

If you require a super-wide angle lens for capturing special effect shots, immersive virtual reality content, expansive scenes and landscapes then the Entaniya HAL 220 is the perfect tool.  Designed and built in Japan by Entapano, the pedigree of the Entaniya HAL220 dates back to the Nikkor 6mm lens, which was first released in 1972.  This heritage is reflected in the lens’s high level of performance and build quality but without the super high price tag!

There are two sizes of Entaniya HAL220 lens available both with PL mount and 220° angle of view, and both including a set of spacer rings enabling them to produce different sized image circles covering a range of different sensor formats.  The HAL 220 PL is designed to cover Super 35 and other medium format sensors whilst the HAL 220 LF is for the largest professional camera sensor formats.  This is the only lens that can shoot at 220° diagonal with large format cinema cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA LF, ALEXA MINI LF, RED MONSTRO and SONY VENICE.

Entaniya HAL 220 family

One of the key features of the Entaniya HAL220 is its high resolution and adjustable T9-22 iris. The lens is capable of capturing detailed, crystal-clear images with low aberration even at the edges of the image circle.  This makes it perfect for use in situations where a wide field of view is important, but image quality cannot be compromised.

As already mentioned the lenses come with a series of spacer rings that create different diameter image circles making the lens a future-proof and versatile choice for photographers and videographers who need to use it with a variety of camera systems.  When paired up the lenses can also be used to create superb high resolution 360 degree VR images with the minimum amount of stitching.

Entaniya HAL220 lenses have already been purchased by film production companies around the world and used in many high profile films to create stunning wide angle effects.

HAL 220 and Red camera rig on car,
Entaniya also have a 200° and 250° lens in their range and are mainly used with Super 35 or smaller sized sensors. The HAL 200 and HAL 250 lenses are a slightly different design however both use the same quality glass as the HAL220.

Overall, the Entaniya HAL220 is a top-quality ultra-wide angle lens that is perfect for professionals in the film and video industry. Its high resolution, versatility, and 360-degree capabilities make it an excellent choice for capturing immersive content and expansive landscapes. Its Nikon design pedigree adds to its reputation as a reliable and high-performing piece of equipment.

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Entaniya HAL 220 PL with Sony Venice camera 3/4 right view
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