System for a new start Agriculture Survey Business

Categories: CamerasPublished On: June 4th, 202410.4 min read
Nigel Paine

A customer came to SeeSense looking for a multispectral camera system with which he could successfully start and grow his agriculture surveying business providing vegetation health data to farmers.  He wanted to use the system for a variety of vegetation indices to monitor plant health, spot any water irrigation issues, etc. Personal budgets meant that the system was fairly price sensitive but the customer also expected good quality results.  He owned a DJI Phantom 4 drone and wanted the ability to optionally attach one or more camera. 

DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Adv Dual Tilted Mount 3/4 view

SeeSense is the European master distributor for Mapir Inc., a company located in San Diego and specialising in  multispectral imaging camera systems mainly for agriculture.  Mapir Survey 3 cameras can be supplied in a range of multi-spectral options along with a selection of accessories including lightweight drone mounts, GPS and cable accessories.

In this instance we offered the customer one of our special reduced cost Mapir Survey3 bundles which provide everything needed to get started.  The system comprised:

Mapir Survey 3 camera Tilting Bundle for Phantom 4

The Mapir Survey3 OCN camera with 87 degree horizontal angle lens is the best multi-spectral camera to review general crop health and mounts on to the drone in a very straightforward way.  The diffuse reflection calibration target is designed to enable the user to calibrate images so they can be compared regardless of the weather, image exposure or time of the year.  It works in conjunction with FREE Mapir Camera Control software which is required to calibrate the images with the target. CONTACT US for details.

The benefit of the Mapir Survey 3 camera system is that it is versatile, future proof, reliable and at an affordable price.  Since purchasing the initial bundle this customer has purchased two more cameras and is able to achieve all of the high quality multispectral imaging tasks for his customers within his budgetary requirements.

Mapir Vineyard multispectral sample image