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SeeSense are official distributers of the Kandao range of 360 degree Virtual Reality cameras for professional, prosumer and consumer use.
Their range currently consists of two professional stereoscopic VR360 camera systems, the Kandao Meeting 360 degree videoconferencing camera, and Qoocam range of pocket sized cameras.  All are detailed below.
SeeSense offer competitive pricing and quick deliveries across Europe.  We also provide a complete range of accessories for the Kandao range including tripods, monopoles, batteries, foam cut cases, etc.
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Professional 3D 360VR Cameras

The Kandao range includes their Kandao Obsidian R and Kandao Obsidian S professional stereoscopic 360 degree VR cameras.  Dimensionally they are identical however the Obsidian R is designed to achieve high resolution providing 8K images at 30fps or 4K at 60fps.  The Obsidian S is designed for filming fast moving scenes and events in 3D VR 4K video at up to 120 fps.  The Obsidian Go starter camera is also available capable of capturing 8K panoramic photographs and 4K VR video.

360 Degree Video Conferencing Camera

The Kandao Meeting is a smart 360 degree All-in-One Conferencing Camera that allows users to have true face-to-face meeting experience with 1080p video resolution and clear audio.  The hugely popular Kandao Meeting camera utilises intelligent tracking and autofocus technology to automatically switch to the active speaker.  When there are multiple active speakers the screen is split with a 360 degree angle at the top and a close-up image of the speakers below.  If the speaker is moving the camera can also smoothly pan and follow them.


The Qoocam range includes the world’s first pocket sized 8K 360VR camera, the Qoocam 8K and the Qoocam 8K Enterprise which can live stream 360 at 30fps.  The Qoocam FUN is a feature rich compact 360 degree VLOG camera.  Kandao’s original Qoocam is a 4k resolution 2-in-1 360 and stereoscopic video camera.

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