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Peerless Creations PC-HD17 with Controller

“Innovative Cameras for Inspection”

SeeSense are official European distributers of the Peerless Creations range of inspection camera solutions.  
The company specialises in the design and creation of technical solutions to ‘challenges’ in industry.  One such challenge arose after the Japanese tsunami in 2011 when many of the factories producing components for ELMO MP50H and Toshiba IK-M51H bullet / lipstick cameras were destroyed.  The cameras were discontinued leaving a big hole in the market.  Peerless Creations have stepped in and produced a High Definition remote head camera as a direct replacement system PC-HD17 and additionally created a 15mm diameter camera, the PC-HD15, which accepts lower cost M12 lenses.  Other products include tube / pipe inspection solutions, tank inspection camera systems, bi-directional camera heads along with wireless viewing and recording.

Peerless Creations cameras have been in many industrial areas including aerospace, animatronics, attached to fibrescopes, for machine function testing, nuclear, welding, and much more.  We have good experience of this camera range and are happy to offering technical advice as well as offering a comprehensive range of lenses, cabling, power solutions, etc.

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