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SeeSense are official European distributers of the Voltaic Systems range of remote charging solutions.  
Voltaic Systems specialises in the design and creation of sustainable technical remote power solutions.  In 2004 Voltaic entered the solar power industry by designing the world’s first solar backpack. Since then their products and have increased to  provide a complete line of solar panels and battery packs for both consumer and industrial customers.
SeeSense has supplied Voltaic products to extend the battery life of its GoPro and Back-Bone camera systems enabling our solutions to be deployed to film all kinds of events, industrial processes and medical procedures ‘off-grid’ where a normal camera battery would only run for just an hour or so.  We also use Voltaic products in conjunction with CamDo Solutions long term time-lapse systems; again Voltaic battery, solar and waterproof cable solutions provides sufficient power to enable the time-lapse system to operate for months.
SeeSense carries stock of Voltaic Systems’ products and can provide technical and practical advice regarding the best way to deploy these solutions.

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