Industrial Use

Bushman, Swivellink & Back-Bone
SeeSense has been supplying a comprehensive range of special camera solutions to suit all types of different applications in the industrial market sector.  We have worked with customers in the aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, energy, manufacturing, paper, pharmaceuticals, timber, utilities, etc to name just a few!  Here are some examples of what our products have been used for.
SeeSense industrial applications
Peerless Creations PC-HD15 HD Lipstick camera system with lenses
SeeSense supplies a broad range of camera solutions to suit all types of requirements in general industry.  
These include:
Welding cameras are really popular for automatic and semi-automatic welding and see a lot of use fitted to column and boom machines.  Our high dynamic range (HDR) cameras are used for similar applications where there are bright lights contrasting with a much dark background.
Back-Bone modified GoPro and  Sony DSC-RX0 cameras are ideal for deployment where on board recording power and 4K / 5.3K video and optional slow motion capability is required .  
Peerless Creations manufacture camera which are specifically designed for industrial purposes.  These include SD and HD remote head lipstick cameras as well as more bespoke designs with a moveable head or sensors pointing at an angle.
Similarly Watec offer a superior range of miniature Colour, Black/White, Day/Night, Low Light, IP, HD and USB cameras that fit into virtually every application.
Swivellink on production line
SeeSense carry a comprehensive stock of  Swivellink and Bushman Panoramic mounting solutions.  Swivellink products see extensive use in the automotive industry for mounting all kinds of production line equipment including cameras, lights, sensors, push buttons etc.  We supply these products along with Bushman Panoramic magnetic mounts and clamps for mounting our welding camera systems and other cameras.
WVS-32 welding camera lens adjustment
SeeSense are specialists in the specification, sourcing and supply of high quality lenses. If you are looking for help finding a lens for a specific job then please do CONTACT US.
We deal directly with the manufacturers which meaning we can offer excellent technical advice and support, fast service and competitive pricing.
We can supply C-mount, CS-mount and S-mount (M12) lenses for all of the camera products we sell.  We can also assist with supplying lenses for Factory Automation and Machine Vision applications.
Seesense High temp kit
 A few applications using our specialist camera solutions include:
– vehicle monitoring vehicles during testing
– the long term action of erosion on the landscape
– stand-alone EM shielded camera 
– destructive testing of lithium batteries
– miniature camera for the nuclear industry including non-browning lenses
– welding cameras
– cameras for storage tank inspection
– And much more!
CONTACT US with your requirement.

A few of the professional solutions offered by SeeSense for General Industrial sectors are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS YOU REQUIREMENTS AND OBTAIN A QUOTATION.

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