Industrial Use

For many years SeeSense has been supplying a broad range of camera solutions to suit all types of application in general industry.  
Condition monitoring covers the broad range of applications where a customer simply wants to see what is happening!  Our welding cameras are really popular for welding and braizing applications.  We a suppliers of high quality lenses for Factory Automation and Machine Vision.  Back-Bone modified GoPro, Sony and Insta360 cameras are ideal for industrial purposes where a camera can be simply deployed with on board recording power and 4K video with slow motion capability.  SeeSense also has a wide variety of bracket and mounting solutions from Swivellink and Bushman Panoramic.  A few applications using our specialist camera solutions include:
– vehicle monitoring vehicles during testing
– the long term action of erosion on the landscape
– stand-alone EM shielded camera 
– destructive testing of lithium batteries
– miniature camera for the nuclear industry including non-browning lenses
– welding cameras
– cameras for storage tank inspection
– And much more!
Our camera solutions include a range of HD lipstick cameras, miniature cameras, and ultra wide dynamic range cameras (e.g. to monitor welding and braizing). Our modified GoPro cameras (Back-Bone) are extremely popular since they can stand-alone with built in recording, battery power, WiFi control, and live feed HDMI output.
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A few of the professional solutions offered by SeeSense for General Industrial sectors are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS YOU REQUIREMENTS AND OBTAIN A QUOTATION.

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