Product Solutions used in Marketing

SeeSense has been involved in a wide range of “wild and wacky” projects for the Marketing of products and services!  For example one of our more bizarre requirements was to fit a camera inside a football and also an ice-hockey puck.  We have also provided 360VR equipment for music videos through to car advertisements.
A few examples below:
– SeeSense specialise in the supply of compact / miniature camera and lens solutions and these are ideal for filming marketing campaigns.
– Our range VR cameras is often the first choice for use in photographing properties for virtual tours.
Entaniya wide angle fisheye lenses are used for VR as well as obtaining special effect images
Bushman Monopods (THE CLAREMONT) are ideal to mount cameras safely
– Our 3DIO binaural microphones help give customers a special surround sound experience.
Some of our brands popular in this area include 3DIO, Back-Bone, Bushman Panoramic, EntaniyaMarshall, Ricoh, Swivellink, Theia Technologies, Watec, Z CAM to name just a few!

Some of the professional solutions offered by SeeSense for the Film & Broadcast Industries are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS YOU REQUIREMENTS AND OBTAIN A QUOTATION.

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