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SeeSense offers a select range of camera solutions for Scientific and Research purposes.  
We offer a comprehensive range of miniature and lipstick cameras and lenses plus our ‘welding’ cameras work well in situations where an ultra-wide dynamic range is required.  The Back-Bone range of modified GoPro stand-alone cameras are extremely popular because they have built in recording, battery power, WiFi control, live feed HDMI output.  They can accept different lenses but are often attached direct on to a microscope, telescope, endoscope, etc.!  
SeeSense can also offer a range of camera solutions for multispectral imaging (Mapir and Back-Bone) which are extensively used for surveying crops, soil, fertilising, irrigation, etc.  We also supply special WiFi cables for a wide range of underwater inspection applications. Some of our camera technologies include low-light, low noise and deep cooled camera solutions which a purpose designed for these applications (limited areas).
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A few of the professional solutions offered by SeeSense for the Science & Research sectors are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS YOU REQUIREMENTS AND OBTAIN A QUOTATION.

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