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MAPIR Survey3 multispectral cameras come with a range of six filter options and enable farmers, agriculturalists, etc to effectively manage crops, soil, fertilising, irrigation, etc.  MAPIR cameras are widely used for checking a wide range of vegetation, mineral & burn indices (see DESCRIPTION below).  The Survey3 N series camera range feature a narrow 41° lens and are supplied complete with MAPIR’s advanced GPS module.  Further details about this special camera below.  We also stock the standard Survey3 W camera with wide angle 87° lens.




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Product Description

MAPIR multispectral imaging camera sensors can be attached on to drones to enable farmers, agriculturalists, etc to effectively manage crops, soil, fertilising, irrigation, etc.  MAPIR Survey3 cameras are compact, affordable and come with a range of 6 filter and 2 lens angle options.  These comprise the standard wide 87° and more specialist narrow 41°* options. SeeSense carries full stock of the wide 87° camera and fewer narrow 41° cameras however stock can be obtained quickly if required.  * More details below.

MAPIR cameras are widely used for checking a wide range of vegetation, mineral & burn indices including:

  • Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI)
  • Chlorophyll Vegetation Index (CVI)
  • Modified Sample Ratio (MSR)
  • Iron Oxide Ratio (IOR)
  • Burn Area Index (BAI)AND MORE!

For further details of how these cameras are used please refer to each camera below or download our DATASHEET tab below.

We supply all MAPIR Survey3 cameras with an external advanced GPS receiver (which features newer u-blox NEO-M8 module) providing improved latitude, longitude and altitude location accuracy.  This provide instant geo-tagging with every captured image which can be processed on MAPIR, Pix4D, Metashape, DroneDeploy, One Button, C3D, MapsMadeEasy, and other software.  Please contact us directly if you require the MAPIR Standard GPS receiver option.

The MAPIR Calibration Ground Target is highly recommended to provide a highly accurate calibrated reflectance values for captured media.

Optional lens protectors are recommended to protect the camera lenses from flying debris during take-off and landings.



The MAPIR Survey3 N camera is more special because, while the 87° wide angle lens has a comparable angle of view of the original drone camera, the narrow 41° lens does not!  This makes images harder to capture due to the narrower angle of view.  Whilst this is not always a problem these cameras ideally require a drone with a flight controller that can be programmed to accept payload camera profile changes (For example flight controllers using Ardupilot/PX4 such as Pixhawk and Cube work well).  It is recommended to increase the overlap to a higher value, and slowing the flight speed down lower and see how the results turn out. It is still possible to use the Survey3N on small consumer DJI drones like the P4P but it takes extra effort and testing to determine the best flight parameters.  Please contact us directly if you require any more information about these cameras.  


Basic specifications (See DATASHEET for full details)

Sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS 12MP (4000×3000 px) Sony Exmor R IMX117 (Bayer RGB) sensor, pixel size 1.4μm x 1.4μm, with Novatek NTK96663 Chipset
Image Format RAW (12 bit) + JPG (8 bit per channel
Lens 47mm 41 degree HFOV F3.0 lens
Ground Sample Distance Lens 2.3cm/px @ 120m above ground level
Weight 76 grammes including battery
Dimensions 59 x 41.5 x 36 mm
  • 12 MegaPixel Image Resolution
  • Up to 2160p Video Resolution
  • 1/2.3-inch CMOS Sensor
  • 6 spectrum options and 41 degree angle of view
  • Includes Advanced u-blox NEO M8 GPS (standard GPS available to special order)

– S3N-RGB Visible Light (RGB) camera
– S3N-OCN Orange, Cyan & NIR (OCN, NDVI) multispectral imaging camera
– S3N-RGN Red, Green & NIR (RGN, NDVI) multispectral imaging camera
– S3N-NGB NIR, Green & Blue (NGB, ENDVI) multispectral imaging camera
– S3N-RE Red-Edge (RE) multispectral imaging camera
– S3N-NIR Near Infrared (NIR) multispectral imaging camera

  • Aerial Multispectral Imaging
  • Crop Inspection
  • Checking vegetation indices
  • Crop consulting
  • Irrigation management
  • Crop spraying
  • Water melt pool studies
  • And much more!


  • MAPIR Survey 3 camera
  • u-blox NEO M8 Advanced GPS Receiver
  • Battery
  • User guide

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