Camera, Z CAM S1 PRO 360VR 6K System

The Z CAM S1 PRO camera is a professional one piece 6K fully integrated VR360 camera system with four 4/3″Sony Exmor sensors and 220° adjustable iris lens.  The camera offered excellent image quality plus superior low light sensitivity and dynamic range thanks to the large sensor making it ideal for filming content and live 360º streaming.  The compact all metal camera design (126mm diameter x 70mm) is capable of outputting 6K @ 30fps.
Z CAM Wonderstitch optical flow software ensures the highest quality images with superb stitching.  Z CAM Wonderlive software performs live stitching of the camera video stream through the Ethernet port, and outputs to RTMP.

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Product Description

The Z CAM S1 PRO camera is a professional one piece 6K fully integrated four sensor VR360 camera system for filming content and capable of live 360º streaming.  The four synchronised Sony Exmor sensors feature co-ordinated auto white balance and exposure for simplified production workflow.  All four sensors are integrated on to one PCB to ensure they are as close together as possible.  The camera has a very compact 126mm diameter x 170mm tall all metal housing with cooling fins ensuring that the camera internals are kept cool.

Each camera sensor has a maximum resolution of 2816 x 2816 pixels combining to produce a spherical resolution of  6K @ 30 frames per second.  An optional detachable battery unit is included enabling up to 2 hours recording which can be doubled when using 128GB cards and the power adapter.

Z CAM Controller is a software suite providing basic control of Z CAM S1 and S1 PRO cameras that works with Z CAM Wonderstitch  and Wonderlive software.  These provide optical flow based 360° Video Stitching and Real Time Stitching for Live Streaming respectively; both producing the highest quality images with superb stitch lines for a precise sync.


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