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“The World’s Only 360° Remote Collaboration Platform”

The Avatour system is a solution like no other, enabling users to attend remote site meetings without the need to travel!  Unlike standard video-conferencing systems, the Avatour solution enables on-site personnel and remote collaborators to share the context of a real place.  Business colleagues, customers, suppliers or even inspectors can attend meetings remotely saving manpower, time and money whilst reducing your company’s carbon footprint!

The solution comprises a complete 360° VR camera system used by the meeting host on site.  At the other end remote attendees (who can be located at multiple locations around the world) join the meeting either wearing a Virtual Reality headset or viewing via a web browser.  Everything is bound together by the Avatour platform which allows users to connect and collaborate in the site meeting. The system includes enhancements that allow users to record sessions, take snapshots, and even annotate documents in real time.

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Reduce your carbon footprint with Avatour

“One Platform – Endless Applications”

The Avatour system is suitable for the requirements of a wide range different businesses  / industries.  If your business has multiple sites around the world, if your client is a long way from the worksite, or even if you are location scouting for a new film or TV programme –  then this system is perfect for you.

Remote Inspections – Conduct a variety of remote visits such as internal quality control, supplier audits, and third-party certifications and consulting.  With Avatour, inspectors can choose their own perspective and move about a space freely, as if physically present.

Virtual Tours – Host an interactive and immersive remote site tour to give visitors the experience of a place as if they were there.  Host a session in real time or record for later viewing.

On-Site training – Take advantage of hands-on training without the need to travel.  Invite trainees, employees, or collaborators to experience site-specific training in real time, from wherever they are.

Location Scouting – Perfect for Film and Broadcast – Remove the need to fly in a large team of people to research a location.  Only essential members need travel, other decision makers can attend the meeting from the comfort of their office.

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Collaborate Remotely Without Sacrificing Quality”

If you can manage to attend a Zoom Meeting then this is just as simple but with MORE!

  • Invite up to 20 individuals to attend the meeting regardless of where they are in the world
  • Utilise advanced 360VR Technology
  • Use a VR headset or web browser to attend the meeting
  • Use the full picture to choose your individual point of view
  • Create snapshots and annotations
  • Alternative camera sources
  • Asset and screen sharing
  • 360° VR recordings
  • Visible focus tracking for all users
  • All equipment is tried and tested with the Avatour system and is simple to use
  • Comprehensive instructions and technical back-up

Reduce your carbon footprint with Avatour

Avatour Remote Presence

Remote site meetings made easy”

Hosting an Avatour meeting is inexpensive using off the shelf hardware.  We can supply all the equipment required in a foam cut hard case for easy transportation and safe storage.  All our equipment is tried and tested with the Avatour system and is simple to use.

Equipment includes:

  • High resolution 360VR camera
  • Internet Hotspot
  • Audio Headset
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Monopod with tripod
  • Power options
  • VR Headsets or simply use a web browser
  • Hard case with foam cut insert