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“Best In Class”

SeeSense are a distributer of the Bushman Panoramic range of tripods, poles and heads for VR videography and panoramic photography. The Bushman Panoramic range is designed and used by a VR photographer so we know it is fit for purpose! The design details and build quality is excellent and the equipment will either work together as a system or to integrate with other manufacturers’ products. The range now includes poles, tripods, panoramic heads and lighting for use in VR and panoramic photography.

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Bushman Panoramic monopod

Monopods & Corepoles

Bushman’s range of poles includes Monopods and Corepoles are designed for professional and amateur use. Their most popular product is the Bushman Monopod which has become the most popular monopod for VR use today. The Bushman Corepole is a heavier duty telescopic pole with a hollow centre designed to allow cables to pass through inside; this makes VR filming much tidier since the cables are no longer visible. The Corepole base can be removed and can screw directly on to a Bushman Eben or Amarula tripod, or alternatively it can also attach to Bushman Little Feet. Multiple poles can be attached to each other for increased height.

Bushman Panoramic Halo 360 light


Lighting has always been an issue for VR cameras. A lot of VR cameras use very small sensors with high pixel density meaning that light sensitivity is a problem. This is solved by the NEW Bushman Halo 360 Light which incorporates three colour temperatures and five dimmable positions. It includes 1/4 threads on the top and bottom allowing it to fit between the tripod / monopod and the camera. Alternatively multiple Halo 360 lights s can be attached and daisy chained for increased illumination.

Bushman Panoramic mounting accessories


Bushman has an ever increasing range of camera accessories which are designed for VR but can suit multiple applications. Accessories include clamps, ground spike, magnetic bases, counterweights and a double ball head to ensure your camera is sitting perfectly.

Bushman Panoramic tripods


The Bushman Panoramic range includes a lightweight aluminium or extra lightweight carbon fibre tripods plus a set of three “Little Feet” which attach to the Corepole range. The top section of the tripods can be removed and a Corepole attached to the tripod base allowing camera cables to pass directly through. These tripods are designed as a stable support for VR cameras whilst retaining a relatively small footprint.

Bushman Panoramic Rotators

Panoramic Heads

360 degree panoramic photography requires the camera to be positioned at the lens nadir. Bushman Panoramic heads allow you to offset the camera with the lens positioned centrally on the tripod. It also has a multi click rotator so you can select the resolutions of the image you want to create and to shoot accurately. The Gobi and Kalhari Panoramic Heads are designed for mirrorless and DSLR cameras and can be folded away. Both are designed to attach perfectly on a Bushman or alternative manufacturer’s tripod.  DISCONTINUED now by Bushman but contact us in case!