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SeeSense offer a broad range of useful camera solutions to suit all kinds of applications.  We have supplied our products to a wide range of occupational disciplines to help in in research, diagnostics, testing, process monitoring, education, training, etc.  Here are some examples of some of the disciplines where we have already supplied equipment.
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Some of our best repeat customers are Universities and Colleges who find that whilst our products are good quality they are also prefect for situations where budgets are limited.  
For example we have supplied Back-Bone modified cameras for use in Dentistry and Medical schools, Laboratories, Film and Video, Civil & Structural Engineering, and many more!  SeeSense can also offer a range of camera solutions for multispectral imaging (MAPIR) which are extensively used for surveying crops, soil, fertilising, irrigation, etc and are very popular in Agricultural colleges.  Our special WiFi cables allow you to control and monitor a camera underwater.  We also work closely with Universities and Colleges running digital media courses (including Virtual Reality VR) and often act as a one stop shop for the specification, selection and supply of complete camera solutions. 
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Mapir Sugar Beet field sample image
We also supply a lot of equipment for use specifically in research; this includes a comprehensive range of miniature and lipstick cameras and lenses as well as ultra-wide dynamic range cameras for use in welding and similar conditions.  The Back-Bone range of modified GoPro stand-alone cameras are extremely popular because they have built in recording, battery power, WiFi control, live feed HDMI output.  They can accept different lenses but are often attached direct on to a microscope, telescope, endoscope, etc.!  For agriculture research the Mapir range of multispectral imaging cameras provide a cost effective high quality solution.
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Canon IK-HD3H on Microscope
SeeSense has also supplied interesting camera and lens solutions for medical and laboratory use since our business was first formed.  This includes what is now the Canon Video Sensing Division (formerly Toshiba) range of cameras which are the solution of choice for specialised video applications in surgical imaging and clinical microscopy and other applications where the correct colorimetry is critical such as live tissue imaging.  They are ideal tools for surgical microscopy, stereoscopic 3D, clinical pathology, ophthamology, endodontic surgery, tumour review, and medical training.
Our Back-Bone range of specially modified GoPro and Sony DSC-RX0 cameras have also been supplied for a broad range of medical and laboratory applications including:
– endodontic surgery and filming other dentistry applications
– body worn cameras for surgery
– veterinary applications including training of students
– eye surgery at a charity in Sri Lanka
– several plastic surgery specialists including Harley Street 
– portable camera system for patient monitoring

These are just a few examples of the professional solutions offered by SeeSense for the Research and Medical sectors.


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