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CamDo Upblink Intervalometer with Hero 5 front view

“Best Value 4K Time Lapse Solution”

SeeSense are the master distributer for the CamDo Solutions range in Europe. The GoPro camera is the world’s most popular action camera, however it has many other uses. The CamDo Solutions concept is to find innovative methods to get more from a GoPro camera. They offer innovative products to provide professionals with cost-effective solutions based around the use of a GoPro camera.

The CamDo Solutions range includes intervalometers designed for long term time-lapse applications for applications such use in the construction industry. This solution is the lowest cost high resolution (4K) long-term time-lapse system in the market today.

Another solution enables a user to view and control most action cameras underwater.  The core product is the CamDo Underwater WiFi cable, available in four lengths up to 90m long.  You can simply use the cable or integrate it with our underwater inspections system.

SeeSense is also a distributer for Back-Bone who’s unique professional solution enables users to fit interchangeable lenses onto GoPro cameras.  These cameras can also be integrated with CamDo products meaning you can now truly make your GoPro GoProfessional!

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CamDo Solutions Time-lapse deployment


CamDo offer a range of time lapse intervalometers covering the full range of GoPro cameras from Hero 8 back to Hero3+ Black. The CamDo UpBlink is designed to work with the Hero 5-8 cameras as a time-lapse intervalometer. When used with the Hero5 camera it is also capable of uploading images to the Cloud using CamDo I-Cloud or a user FTP.  The original CamDo Blink is compatible with GoPro Hero 4 and Hero3+ Black cameras.

Both intervalometers are controlled by using a user interface (UI) on a tablet or mobile phone.  The complete time-lapse system solutions also includes the CamDo DryX external weatherproof housing which includes a 47Wh battery, a very robust swivel arm bracket and optional 9W solar panel.  The battery can power the system for long periods of time (over three months) depending on how the system is used. It can be trickle charged through the optional solar panels or through a mains USB power supply.

CamDo manufacture the best value 4K time-lapse system the market today allowing users to produce superb quality videos at a relatively low cost.  The system is perfect for use in the construction industry and should be used by :

  • Professional Photographers – Expand your portfolio and increase revenue with existing clients by suggesting time lapse.
  • Project Managers – Access real-time and historical views of your construction site from anywhere
  • Marketers & Business Developers – Build trust with new clients by sharing time lapse clips of your work
  • Small Construction Company Owners – Build trust with new clients by sharing time lapse clips of your work AND access real-time and historical views of your construction site from anywhere
CamDo Solutions underwater wifi solution


Wi-Fi signals can not be transmitted underwater! The CamDo Underwater WiFi cable provides a direct wired link from the surface to a camera any action camera with a GoPro mount. The cable is available in lengths up to 90m and water depth is restricted by the GoPro Super Suit underwater housing which generally works down to a depth of 60m. The CamDo Deep housing is machined from solid 6061 grade has been tested to a depth of 600 metres (2,000’). The housing is black anodised and is highly resistant to salt water and other harsh environments. SeeSense also offer Underwater Inspection Packs built around the Underwater Wi-Fi cable and is a low cost and safe alternative to employing a diver. Ideal for use in fish farms, marinas, dam and reservoir inspection.