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“Works Straight From The Box”

SeeSense are official European distributers of the Canon (formerly Toshiba) range of cameras manufactured by their Medical Systems Division.  
These products comprise industry leading ultra-compact, high performance, full high definition (HD) and Ultra-HD 4K 3-CMOS colour video cameras, and  single-chip HD cameras.

These cameras are renowned for  providing excellent reliability and superb colorimetry (accuracy of colour reproduction) and all come with comprehensive settings menu and “work straight from the box”.

SeeSense has supplied these cameras into many industries including Film & Broadcast, Medical (live tissue imaging), Research, Scientific Imaging, Nuclear, Machine Vision and Security market sectors.  We have fifteen years experience with this camera range and can be seen as a European centre of excellence offering technical advice as well as a comprehensive range of lens solutions, filters, cabling, power solutions, etc.

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Remote Head Cameras

Canon offer several 3-CMOS remote head camera solutions all using their state-of-the-art prism block technology.  By splitting the RGB components to separate sensors image quality and colorimetry are greatly improved.  Cameras are available in 4K (IK-4K) and High Definition (IK-HD5 & IK-HD3) as well as a single CMOS camera head option for the IK-HD3 CCU.

Block Cameras

Canon offer several compact block camera solutions all using their state-of-the-art prism block technology.  
The JCS-5RU is a full HD video camera with HDMI and SuperSpeed USB image outputs for simultaneous, real-time live viewing from a monitor, plus high-res image capture to a computer. It is ideal clinical for bio imaging, scientific imaging and live tissue imaging where excellent colorimetry is required.