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The SeeSense team are always looking for new and innovative products to add to our range. We offer a specially selected range of unique miniature camera solutions which we think will be of interest to you. We also offer products which generally enhance or complement our range. With a vast supplier database SeeSense can also source complimentary products that you may have trouble finding.

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The ranges below currently have no home with our main brands so are listed here because:

  • It is a product unique to SeeSense
  • The product range is limited
  • System solutions specially assembled by SeeSense for our customers
  • The manufacturer prefers us to offer the range under our brand
  • It is a new product line we are introducing

SeeSense offer a specially selected range of miniature camera solutions and our Gem camera is one of these. SeeSense markets a unique and cost effective range of Welding camera solutions which are manufactured in the EU. We also offer products which generally enhance or complement our product portfolio. With a vast supplier database SeeSense can also source complimentary products that you may have trouble finding, please contact us with your requirement.

SeeSense GEM HD camera with M12 mount lens

GEM HD 1080p / 1080i HD-SDI Output Miniature Camera

A compact low-cost 1/2.9″ 1-CMOS Full HD progressive scan colour camera. The GEM measures only 29x29x29mm and weighs just 40 grammes and can output 3G-SDI and HD-SDI at 60 fps.

The camera can be used in a very broad range of other applications including medical, broadcast, condition monitoring, machine vision, surveillance and security.

Welding Camera Systems

The operation and control of the welding head of semi-automatic or automatic welding systems mainly occurs from a control station. Optimal positioning and adjustment of the welding process requires a visual inspection before, during and after the arc is struck. SeeSense offer a range of high quality and robust industrial cameras specifically designed this purpose. Our Welding System Cameras permit optimal viewing of the welding head, workpiece and the welding arc in a variety of welding processes.

Lens Solutions

SeeSense CEO Nigel Paine has over 20 years experience working for lens manufacturers, specifying and reselling lenses. Our main areas of expertise are in C, CS and S- mount (M12) lenses. Today we are selling and dealing directly with brands like Entaniya, Fujinon, Kowa, Laowa, Ricoh and Theia. We also deal directly with many other manufacturers supplying low distortion lenses, lenses for larger sensors, lenses with high resolution capabilities and even replacement lens caps.

VR Camera Solutions

SeeSense have been selling VR cameras since 2014 and today we are selling brands like Bushman, Entaniya, Izugar, Labpano, ZCAM and 3Dio. We also offer a range of complete solutions drawing from all the ranges we offer. For example the ZCAM S1 camera is available in a proper foam cut hard case complete with batteries, power, charger, etc.