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Back-Bone Hero 10 Pro camera deployed


SeeSense are a principal distributer of the Back-Bone range in Europe.  The biggest “challenge” that professionals have with Action Cameras is that they all feature a fixed super wide angle lens often resulting in images showing barrel distortion.  Professionally modified cameras from BACK-BONE enable you to fit virtually any lens on to a GoPro Hero or Sony DSC-RX0 camera.  Additionally many of these cameras are available with removable IR cut filter enabling you to use the cameras for multispectral imaging or at night with IR corrected lenses.  All of the modified cameras retain most of their original features but are now a viable as a professional solution for use in a multitude of different application including Film & Broadcast, Medical & Laboratory, TimeLapse, 360VR, Astronomy, Microscopy, a multitude of Industrial Applications, and much more!

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Back-Bone Hero 11 Pro camera with C-mount lens

Modified Cameras

Back-Bone modified GoPro Hero 11, GoPro Hero 10, GoPro Hero7 and Sony DSC-RX0 II cameras are all generally available from SeeSense stock. These affordable modified cameras allow both professionals and amateurs to attach S (M12), CS and C-mount lenses on all GoPro cameras, as well as MFT and C-mount lenses on to the Hero 9-11 and Sony DSC-RX0.  The cameras are supplied in the original case for easy storage and all include a comprehensive range of accessories.

Unlike the original GoPro camera design, Back-Bone modified cameras also include a tripod mounting bracket with three 1/4″-20 thread enabling an accurate and stable mounting on to a tripod, monopod, or other mounting system.  This tripod mount can also fit standard GoPro cameras.

Back-Bone DSC-RX0 camera modification kit

Ribcage DIY Modification Kits

Back-Bone Ribcage modification kits are available as a do-it-yourself modification kit for GoPro Hero 4 and Sony DSC-RX0 / DSC-RX0 II cameras. A step by step video is available to help you through the modification.

SeeSense also offer an installation and camera repair service; please Contact Us if you require any help or would like us to modify your camera for you.

Lenses for Back-Bone modified cameras

Lenses & Accessories

The SeeSense team has many years experience with C, CS and S-mount lenses and can advise and make recommendations for the most suitable lens for your application.  This especially applies for Back-Bone modified cameras.  Contact SeeSense for lenses, filters, batteries, adapters, brackets, storage case, etc.

Back-Bone modified Gopro cameras for VR

180VR | 360VR

GoPros have been a popular camera solution for Virtual Reality and panoramic applications since 2014. The cameras are perfect partners for Entaniya S-mount (M12) 4k fisheye lenses and can be fitted to back to back, panoramic and side-by-side stereoscopic rigs. Contact SeeSense for details.