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The current CamDo Solutions range can be broken down into distinct product groups:

   -  Time Lapse / Construction Time Lapse



  -  Power Solutions


  -  Enclosures


  -  Underwater WiFi / Inspection


  -  Multi Camera / Time Slice



Further details about each product group are to be found on each section page.


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SeeSense are the priciple distributer for the CamDo Solutions range in the EU.

The GoPro camera is the world's most popular action camera, however it has many other uses.  The concept behind CamDo is to find ways to make GoPro cameras do more.  They offer innovative products to provide customers with end-to-end solutions for their GoPro camera.

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The CamDo Bullet is a low power GoPro accessory that allows you to control the GoPro camera's power and shutter functions through the use of a wired push button remote.  The Bullet can be used to control single camera or multiple cameras using a single remote.  Purchase a Bullet for each camera and daisy chain them so any number of cameras can be triggered simultaneously.  An LED Wired Remote is also required to trigger the CamDo Bullet.  Extension daisy chain or trigger cables are available at 1, 3 and 7.5 metre lengths.

When used with Bullet(s), the LED Wired Remote extends your camera’s battery life by allowing you to control the power and shutter functions of your GoPro.

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The CamDo BLINK X is now compatible with GoPro Hero 5 / 6/ 6 & 8 cameras. Existing Blink X owners can upgrade their unit using the latest firmware. CONTACT US for details.


The CAMDO UPBLINK is a Time Lapse controller for GoPro HERO 5 cameras.  Camera WiFi control is included for manual download of footage or aligning setup through the GoPro app.  The improved user interface also allows image Upload to Cloud X Pro.