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Camera solutions play an important role in today’s Construction Industry.  They are used for security, monitoring, marketing and sales to name just a few areas.  SeeSense have been helping people in all aspects of buildings construction, facilities management and the property market to find solutions to their problems and requirement.  Here are a few area where we have already succeeded in helping customer’s find solutions.
SeeSense construction applications
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Cameras play an important role in today’s Construction Industry and one of the most popular and highly cost effective products in our range are CamDo Solutions long term time-lapse systems.  These are based around GoPro Hero and Sony DSC-RX0 cameras and enable users to record building work from start to finish and produce a beautiful 4K / 5.3K time-lapse video record of the project. The system can operate off-grid for long periods of time by utilising battery and solar, and also be mains powered power.  The CamDo CloudX platform allows image upload and can be integrated into ProCore, CMiC Global, PlanGrid and BIM 360 construction management platforms to monitor the job site.

Remote monitoring is also a great way to improve worker productivity and site safety.  The CamDo Solutions Jobsite Intelligence system employs IoT cameras along with machine vision processes to monitor the construction site.  This can provide real time information and alerts about work underway and  potential health and safety issues.

Whilst construction work is underway it might be important for people to attend remote meetings.  This can now be achieved using the Avatour Remote Presence solution also offered by SeeSense.  In the same vein our Labpano Virtual Reality (VR360) cameras and Bushman Panoramic Halo lights can be used to help record construction progress for review and evidential purposes.

Site security is also important and our LILIN surveillance camera solutions can also be deployed to help protect assets on site.

Bushman Halo Light for Building Inspection

Facilities Management

Surveillance cameras are an important feature of any building since it can be used to protect assets as well as general safety.  LILIN camera solutions solve another big problem in modern day surveillance especially when deployed in the public sector.  Unlike many surveillance cameras, the Lilin Head Office and factory is located in Taiwan and their products are all NDAA compliant.

Building maintenance and inspection is a regular requirement.  Labpano Virtual Reality (VR360) cameras and Bushman Panoramic Halo lights can be used to help record record and monitor aspects of building inspection processes.  We already supply solutions for inspecting roof voids, ceiling spaces lift shafts, etc where it is either difficult or dangerous for people to go.  A VR camera allow 360 degree viewing live or as a record making it a perfect solution for helping with fire prevention and electrical safety inspections.

Bushman Panoramic Halo with magic cable and camera

Property and Real Estate

SeeSense has been selling specialist camera solutions for the real estate market for many years.  Our Labpano Virtual Reality (VR360) cameras and Bushman Panoramic mounting and lighting solutions are perfect for recording property tours.  These cost effective solutions are used to help estate agents and property developers to market there portfolio to a large audience.

Some of the professional Solutions offered by SeeSense for the Construction Industry are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR A QUOTATION.

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