Camera solutions play an important role in today’s Construction Industry.  They can enable remote monitoring of productivity, provide a record of progress, and monitor risk and safety.  Surveillance cameras back up site security and are always an important consideration.  They can be used for marketing providing time-lapse images of the work or virtual tours off the completed structure.
SeeSense can offer a range of camera solutions for the construction industry. One of our most popular solutions are our construction time-lapse systems from CamDo Solutions using GoPro cameras to record 4K time-lapse video at a very reasonable cost. This solution is designed for long term time-lapse applications and is one of the cheapest 4K resolution solutions available. The system can operate by battery, solar power or permanent AC power, and can be integrated into ProCore, CMiC Global and BIM 360 construction management platform. Construction sites can also be remotely monitored for productivity, safety and security using the CamDo UpBlink solution.

The LabPano range of cameras can be used in conjunction with Bushman Panoramic monopods to provide an excellent means of creating virtual tours of properties.

Some of the professional Solutions offered by SeeSense for the Construction Industry are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR A QUOTATION.

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