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SeeSense has supplied a broad range of different special camera solutions to the security industries (Military, Home Defence, Police, Surveillance, etc) including the following examples:
– SeeSense staff have many years experience specifying, sourcing and supplying C, CS and S-mount lenses and deal with all the main quality manufacturers. High quality prime, varifocal and zoom lenses for use for CCTV and similar observation systems.  Our range is extensive but you should contact us if you can not see what you are looking for.  A few specialist lenses include:
  • Kowa high quality varifocal and motorised zoom lens
  • Theia Technologies superb wide angle low distortion lenses and 4 K resolutions varifocals
  • Ricoh high quality prime lenses
  • Fujinon varifocal and zoom lenses for CCTV applications
  • Entaniya fisheye lenses for police cells and restricted view
  • UV and IR bias lenses
Other solutions for security and defence include:
Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras for deployable surveillance applications.
– Low light High Definition colour camera system with zoom lens for surveillance.
– Electron Multiplying CCD (EM-CCD low light cameras.
– Short wave infra red (SWIR) and IR sensitive cameras.
– Ultra miniature and HD lipstick camera solutions for covert use on body worn applications or mounted on vehicles.
– Glass sensor cover removed to enable increased UV sensitivity for use with UV lenses in forensic testing.
– Deployable camera with a ‘roll-up-mast’.
Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras have also been deployed in a wide range of scenarios including deployable covert and anti-social fly tipping applications (Back-Bone camera triggered by CamDo X-Band sensor).  These cameras have also seen use in mobile army headquarters map position of troop deployment through to using a multi camera array to simultaneously trigger and record during aircraft testing.  

A few of the professional solutions offered by SeeSense for Security & Defence applications are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS YOU REQUIREMENTS AND OBTAIN A QUOTATION.

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