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“Microphones¬†With Ears!”

SeeSense are official distributers of the 3Dio range of professional binaural microphones for ASMR, VR virtual reality, field recording and recording studios.¬†These premium quality 3D audio recording devices are popular with professional recording engineers as well as amateur enthusiasts looking to record sound ‚Äėbinaurally‚Äô. Binaural recording is the process using microphones shaped like human ears to capture audio in the same way that we hear. These ears (pinnae) dramatically alter the incoming sound waves, but our brains understand these alterations as directional cues. Furthermore, the time delay between the left and right ear gives us proper directional perception. When listening to binaural recordings with headphones, a natural three-dimensional sound gives the listener the sensation of being in the space where the audio was recorded. This makes 3Dio binaural microphones ideal for applications such as 360 and 180 VR video and any professional recording situation where authentic sound quality is critical.

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3DIO FS XLR Microphone

3DIO Free Space Microphones

The 3DIO Free Space binaural microphone capture true binaural sound from omnidirectional microphones capsules located in two realistic human ear pinnae for life-like attenuation and amplification from all directions. There are three options including the basic model, with two balanced stereo XLR outputs that support phantom power and a version with a higher quality microphone capsule

3DIO Omni Microphone

3DIO Omni Microphones

The 3DIO Omni binaural microphone captures true binaural sound from eight omnidirectional microphones capsules located in eight realistic human ear pinnae for life-like attenuation and amplification from all directions. It requires 4 x 5-pin balanced XLR for output and phantom power. There are two options with a standard and high quality high sensitivity microphone capsules.

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