“High Quality Lenses As Standard”

SeeSense have been distributers of the Kowa range of Industrial Lenses for Machine Vision, Industrial Imaging and Surveillance for over 10 years, and have a huge amount of experience in the supply of C, CS and S-mount lenses in general. Kowa manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality lenses mainly intended for Factory Automation, Machine Vision and Surveillance applications. Many of their lenses are also perfect for Broadcast, Film, Medical and General Industrial applications where a compact camera solution is required, and are ideal for use with Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras.

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Kowa FC24M series lenses

Industrial lenses for Industrial Image Processing

This market sector mainly requires lenses for C-mount cameras with sensor sizes ranging from 1/2” to 4/3” and tend to be prime (monofocal) lenses. Kowa’s range of prime lenses are designed to suit sensors with a range of resolutions up to 10MP or to focus an image on pixels as small as 2.5 microns. Part of the range includes ruggedised designs, telecentic lenses, IR corrected lenses, and lenses for imaging in the short wave infra-red spectrum (SWIR). Kowa’s range of 10MP prime lenses are especially popular for customers using Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras for filming natural history and medical procedures.

Industrial lenses for Surveillance and Security

This range includes varifocal and high powered zoom lenses designed to suit cameras with a resolution of up to 5MP and a sensor range of 1/3” to 1”. One reason SeeSense offers Kowa lenses is because of the build quality and functional reliability. This is especially important for zoom lenses where the optics are designed for 24/7 use and need to maintain focus regardless of the focal position.