SeeSense supplies a range of special equipment that can be utilised for photographic and also video use.  
– Our Back-Bone range of specially modified GoPro cameras can be used for 12Mp stills photography and can be fitted directly on to microscopes and telescopes with stunning results.
Bushman Panoramic heads, rotators, and tripods for panoramic, through to complete spherical photography
BushmanLabpano and Z CAM equipment for VR stills photography and ideal for use in the property sales market
Entaniya HAL series large format fisheye lenses with a range of different lens mounts and camera rigs
MAPIR spectral imaging camera solutions
CamDo time-lapse photography

Some of the professional Solutions offered by SeeSense for Photography are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR A QUOTATION.

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