SeeSense Bushman, Swivellink & Back-Bone
SeeSense supplies a range of special equipment that can be utilised for photographic and video use.  These products are all unique in providing good value for money combined with high quality results meaning they are ideal for professional and amateur use where budgets are stretched.  Here are a few of the photography genres we have already supplied our equipment for.
SeeSense Photography Genres
Back-Bone H10PRO deployed
The Back-Bone range of unique modified GoPro and Sony DSC-RX0 cameras accept interchangeable lenses, include a built in recorder and power in a compact form factor.   These cameras have been used for macro work, natural history, stereo and astro photography, deployed in camera traps and much more.  The latest Back-Bone H12PRO is capable of 27MP 5.3K.
Little planet photography
 Bushman Panoramic, Labpano and Entaniya products are all designed for use in VR180 and VR360 imaging as well as being proven solutions for use in the real estate and construction applications.  The Entaniya HAL series large format fisheye lenses suit large format multi megapixel cameras and work well in hemisphere photography.
Mapir Vineyard multispectral sample image
The MAPIR range of cameras are designed for multi-spectral imaging camera applications including crop mapping while CamDo Solutions offer an economical high resolution long term time-lapse photography solution.

Some of the brands offered by SeeSense for professional and amateur Photography are shown below.  You can purchase these through our E-shop or ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR A QUOTATION.

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