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“Perfect Seamless Live Streaming VR”

 SeeSense are an official reseller for Labpano VR camera solutions.  Labpano (formerly Pisofttech) is one of the oldest and largest panoramic algorithm providers who are now developing camera solutions to integrate seamlessly with their software. Their solutions address many of the common issues VR users discuss including ease of camera setup, on-camera stitching, and ease of workflow. In 2019 Labpano launched their Pilot Era 8K camera, the world’s first professional panoramic camera that included a touchscreen and an embedded smart operating system enabling standalone operation with seamless 8K live-streaming capability. SeeSense can offer competitive pricing and quick deliveries of the Labpano range across Europe. We also provide complimentary equipment to provide complete camera systems including tripods, monopoles, VR lighting, spare batteries and a purpose designed backpack.

Labpano Cameras

The Labpano range consists of three compact feature rich 360 degree VR cameras all capable of streaming 8K video and taking panoramic photographs. Top of the range is the Pilot Era camera featuring a 3.1” touchscreen, 512GB (over 6.5 hour) storage, 9-axis stabilisation, 4x ambisonic mics and a massive 7,200 mAh changeable battery making it ideal for applications where the camera see regular daily use. The Pilot One has fewer features compared to the Pilot Era but has a built in 3,400 mAh battery, options of 128GB or 512GB memory PLUS IP65 rating. Both cameras feature GPS capability (built into the Pilot Era) and are optimised for Google Street View photography and images can be uploaded direct to cloud drive platforms. The Pilot One is the perfect tool for shooting properties and real estate. The Pilot Lock camera is ideal for where a more heavy duty ‘industrial’ solution is required and has a dust and water resistant IP67 rated design and an operational temperature down to -40 degrees Celsius! All cameras feature 100% In-camera stitching controlled by an Android-based operating system. The camera also features an ‘aviation plug’ with DC power, RJ45 control and USB connection.

Labpano Camera System Accessories

Labpano offer a range of accessories for their cameras including the Pilot Era battery and charging station plus a 5G module coming soon.

SeeSense also provide complete camera system solutions including tripods, monopoles and spare batteries. The Bushman Halo 360 light is also ideal for these cameras which utilise Sony 12MP 1/2.3” sensors which sometimes can have issues in lower lighting conditions.