Entaniya Fisheye

“The Best Quality Ultra-Wide Fisheye Lenses Available”

SeeSense are a principal distributer of the Entaniya range of ultra wide angle fisheye lenses in Europe. Entaniya offer two ranges of unique ultra-wide angle high resolution Fisheye lenses that draw their pedigree direct from the famous Nikkor 6mm lens. The Entaniya HAL range of 200°, 220° and 250° lenses are compatible with a broad range of larger format camera sensors.   Lower cost S-mount (M12) lenses of 220°, 250° and 280° are designed for 1/2.3” format camera sensors and are perfect for use with Back-Bone modified GoPro cameras. The range is enhanced by a large selection of accessories including back-to-back and side-by-side camera rigs allowing you to create high quality images beyond any normal field of vision. These lenses are ideal for 360 VR, panoramic photography, special effects in cinematography, and are even used in planetariums and for industrial imaging.

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Entaniya HAL 220 family

Large Format HAL Series Lenses

Entaniya’s aim is to bring a movie-like high resolution to VR and they have achieved this with their HAL series of large format lenses. The HAL 200 and HAL 250 lenses can be supplied with MFT-mount (Micro Four Thirds), E-mount, EF-mount or C-mount.  The flagship HAL 220 range comprises HAL 220-PL designed for Super 35 and other medium format sensors  and HAL 220-LF for the largest professional camera sensor format.

The lens design ensures that image resolution remains sharp across the entire image area, and feature the ability to change the rear optics to enable the image circle to correctly cover a wide range of different sensors.  Entaniya HAL lenses can be attached to large format high quality cameras such as RED, ARRI, Sony FS, Panasonic GH and Blackmagic cinematic cameras. They even fit some industrial machine vision cameras and even the Back-Bone Ribcage modified DSC-RX0 II MFT / C-mount camera. These large sensor cameras are perfect for high quality film, 360 VR, 180 VR, stereoscopic video as well as celestial sphere 360-degree VR at cinema level quality.

S-mount (M12) Format 1/2.3″ Lenses

The Entaniya range was originally established by their three high quality 220, 250 and 280 degree 4K resolution S-mount (M12) lenses. These lenses can be fitted directly to S-mount cameras but also come with a CS-mount adapter. These lenses have been extensively used on Back-Bone Ribcage modified GoPro cameras and have been extremely popular for use as 2 or 3 camera 360VR and 180VR applications and currently see a lot of use on stereoscopic camera solutions for the adult film industry!

The latest Back-Bone Hero11 PRO camera has a new 5.3K 27MP 8:7 sensor which allows these lenses to provide better image circle coverage.

RaspberryPi and Sony Spresense Cameras

A new development is the provision of a VR 220 modification kit for the Rasperry Pi V2 and Sony Spresense board cameras. Both are available as complete cameras and include accessories including a range of alternative lenses and a weatherproof housing.


A range of rigs and accessories are available for the Entaniya range of fish-eye lenses. These include side-by-side, back-to-back, stereoscopic and single camera rigs for the Entaniya HAL range. Contact Us with your requirements.